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EuroPython 2021: Opening our Merchandise Shop

We’re very happy to announce our merchandise shop for EuroPython 2021, with a fabulous new design for the attendee t-shirts:

EuroPython 2021 Merch Shop

You can find the shop under the "EuroPython" menu entry on the conference website:

The shop is run on the Spreadshirt platform and so Spreadshirt will handle all payments, invoicing and shipping.

We have preconfigured a large number of items in the shop based on the designs for EuroPython 2021, but you can also customize the looks by clicking on the editing pen on the product pages.

Attendee T-Shirt Design

Any profit this creates will go towards the EuroPython financial aid budget, so will be put to good use.


To make things a little easier for you, we have configured the following discounts Spreadshirt offers:

  • 20% off from July 8 - 11
  • 15% off from July 12 - 15
  • free shipping from July 16 - 19

Shipping worldwide

Spreadshirt is shipping to a lot of destinations worldwide.

Unfortunately, they don’t support shipping to the US, Australia, Brasil and a few other countries on their European shop system for tax reasons. If you'd like to order from one of those countries, perhaps you can find a friendly Pythonista who would be willing to forward you the merch from Europe.

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EuroPython 2021: Meet our Keystone Sponsor Optiver

We are excited to have Optiver as our Keystone Sponsor for EuroPython 2021. Optiver uses Python to drive their market maker business in the financial industry.

You can participate in their free training session, visit their sponsor exhibit rooms, and talk with their staff to learn more about the Python ecosystem they have created.

Please continue reading to learn more about Optiver.

EuroPython 2021 Team
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EuroPython 2021 Website

About Optiver

We’re market makers. In simple terms, we provide buy and sell prices for financial products on exchanges across the globe. By providing this liquidity we help make markets more efficient. Every day at Optiver is an opportunity to solve the seemingly impossible. What we build, code, develop and strategise pushes the boundaries of technological and analytical possibility in the world of electronic trading. Every team member has an integral part to play in this endeavour, which is why collaboration lies at the heart of everything we do. From traders, engineers, researchers, and support, we work in unison to find solutions to incredibly complex problems. It’s a melting pot of dynamic thought, simple execution and pioneering spirits, and we’re always looking for fresh new thinking to help us achieve our mission.

How Python Plays a Vital Role in our Business

Working in infrastructure, development, and operations, our engineers are driven by the need to understand technology at its deepest level. Some of the ways we use Python include interfacing with our physical systems, managing our production environments, and gaining insights into how they’re performing. It also plays a crucial role in our monitoring by collecting metrics data and raising alerts when anomalies are found in our trading systems. We also use it to manage our data pipelines including job scheduling, analytics, and quality control. The list goes on but what remains the same is how Python is crucial to solving the complexity of trading with elegant, simple solutions.

Optiver at EuroPython 2021

We’re extremely excited to once again be a part of EuroPython. Not only as a keystone sponsor but also as a participant looking to share ideas and learn from the many innovative minds in attendance. We’ll be hosting two talks, including a workshop - Activate Your Interest in Coding for Algorithmic Trading, where developers will get the chance to trade on Optibook, our proprietary simulated exchange. You’ll learn the fundamentals of trading such as what are order-books, order-types, liquidity, positions, and gain insights into the different trading systems involved. You’ll then get to test your abilities with Python by creating a profitable trading strategy that can handle the pressures of the market. We look forward to hosting you at our workshop, so please join us and come learn more about the exciting space in which we operate.

EuroPython 2021: Trainings and Workshops

Have you ever wanted to build an image search system, take a deep dive into pytest or learn about algorithmic trading? Then we have a treat for you!

The EuroPython conference will start with two full training and workshop days on Monday, July 26th, and Tuesday, July 27th:

EuroPython 2021 Trainings

Combined Ticket Training sessions

We have carefully curated 14 paid training sessions, which you can attend with a Combined Ticket. Each session is 3 hours long.

If you already have a conference ticket, but would like to switch to a combined ticket, please email You will receive a discount coupon that allows you to upgrade your ticket to a combined one.

Conference Ticket Training Sessions

Additionally, if you have purchased a Conference only Ticket, you are welcome to join the 4 sponsored workshops in the Argument-Clinic track!

Special Workshops

For total beginners, we have teamed up with Humble Data to deliver a Beginners' Day Workshop, specifically for newcomers to Python. This is also accessible for Conference only Ticket holders and is scheduled for Tuesday.

We are also working on a Django Girls Workshop, which will be announced separately. We’ve scheduled this for Monday.

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EuroPython 2021: Volume Discount for Company Teams

EuroPython 2021 offers special discounts on business tickets for company teams.

EuroPython Volume Discounts

If you are going to attend the conference as a team, we offer the following volume discounts as a thank you:

  • 5 business tickets for the price of 4
  • 10 business tickets for the price of 8
  • 15 business tickets for the price of 11

In addition to the above offer, we'll also send out a mention on Twitter welcoming your team.

Your company should email to apply. You will then receive a coupon code and the welcome tweet will be handled by us.

You can also visit the ticket shop to view the different ticket types and this year’s schedule to see the timetable for EuroPython 2021 in your local time zone.

EuroPython 2021 Team
EuroPython Society
EuroPython 2021 Website

EuroPython 2021: Free tickets for Python Core Developers

In 2019, we have set up the Guido van Rossum Core Developer Grant, to make it easy for Python Core Developers to attend EuroPython, but also to give something back to the core team and add a perk to make core development more attractive.

If you are a core developer, please check our grant page for details on how to apply.

PS: If you are a core developer and want to organize a core sprint, workshop, language summit or similar event at EuroPython 2021, please get in touch with our program workgroup soon, so that we can help arrange things.

PPS: If you want to become a core developer, please have a look at the Python Dev Guide.

EuroPython 2021 Team
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EuroPython 2021: Schedule published

After two weeks of hard work by our program workgroup, we are very excited to announce the EuroPython 2021 schedule:

EuroPython 2021 Schedule

Seven full days of Python

EuroPython 2021 will be held online in the week of July 26:

  • Two workshop/training days (Monday, Tuesday):
    training sessions and workshops
  • Three conference days (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday):
    keynotes, talks, lightning talks, poster session
  • Two sprint days (Saturday, Sunday):
    code sprints / hackathons

Lots of engaging content waiting for you

The conference will be packed with interesting Python content, provided in many different formats and presented by our fantastic team of volunteers, speakers and sponsors:

  • 6 exciting keynotes,
  • 97 talks,
  • 18 training sessions,
  • 3 fun lightning talk blocks,
  • overall, more than 130 sessions in total,
  • presented by more than 130 speakers from around the world,
  • 4 all-day conference tracks,
  • with a whole track dedicated to data science topics,
  • a poster track,
  • interactive sessions,
  • a virtual social event,
  • an after party,
  • and lots of socializing on our conference platform.

We would like to thank all speakers and sponsors who submitted session proposals to the conference.

Never miss a talk

All talks will be made available to the attendees via streaming to our Matrix based conference platform, with easy switching between tracks and chat. We’ll also make the streams available with rewind functionality and give you access to the streams after the conference.

Conference Tickets

Conference tickets are available on our registration page. We have several ticket types available to make the conference affordable for everyone and we're also offering financial aid to increase our reach even more.

EuroPython is your conference

EuroPython has always been a completely volunteer based effort. The organizers work hundreds of hours to make the event happen and will try very hard to create an inspiring and exciting event.

However, we can only provide the setting. You, as our attendees, are the ones who fill it with life and creativity.

We are very much looking forward to having you at the conference !

EuroPython 2021 Team
EuroPython Society
EuroPython 2021 Website

EuroPython 2021: Session List Available

Our program work group (WG) has been working hard over the last week to select sessions for EuroPython 2021, based on your talk voting and our diversity criteria.

We’re now happy to announce the initial list with more than 100 sessions, brought to you by more than 100 speakers.

EuroPython 2021 Session List

More than 130 sessions

In the coming weeks, we will complete the session list, adding keynotes, sponsored talks and training sessions. Once finalized, we expect to have more than 130 sessions waiting for, including three lightning talk slots, six keynotes, a recruiting session and several free sponsored training sessions.

The program workgroup will start working on the schedule, which should be ready in about two weeks.

Conference Tickets

Conference tickets are available on our registration page. We have several ticket types available to make the conference affordable for everyone and we're also offering financial aid to increase our reach even more.

As always, all proceeds from the conference will go into our grants budget, which we use to fund financial aid for the next EuroPython edition, special workshops and other European conferences and projects:

EuroPython Society Grants Program

We hope to see lots of you at the conference in July. Rest assured that we’ll make this a great event again — even within the limitations of running the conference online.

EuroPython 2021 Team
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EuroPython 2021: Talk Voting is Open

Talk voting is your chance to tell us what you’d like to see at EuroPython 2021. We will leave talk voting open until:

Sunday, May 23, 23:59:59 CEST

In order to vote, please log in to the website and navigate to the talk voting page:

Who can participate?

Any registered attendee of EuroPython 2021 with a paid ticket, as well as attendees of one of the past EuroPython conferences (going back to 2015) can vote. If you have submitted a proposal this year, you are also eligible to vote.

If you have not attended EuroPython before, but want to participate in talk voting, you have to buy a ticket before you can vote.

How talk voting works

The talk voting interface lists all submitted proposals, including talks, helpdesks and posters. You can then vote on the proposal you'd like to see at the event.

Details on the voting process are described on our talk voting page.

Talk Selection

After the talk voting phase, the EuroPython Program Workgroup (WG) will use the votes to select the talks and build a schedule.

The talk voting is a good and strong indicator of what attendees are interested to see. Submissions are also selected based on editorial criteria, for example, to increase diversity, give a chance to less mainstream topics and make sure that topics don't overlap too much.

In general, the Program WG will try to give as many speakers a chance to talk as possible. If speakers have submitted multiple talks, the one with the highest rating will most likely get selected.

EuroPython 2021 Team
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EuroPython 2021: Call for Proposals (CFP) extended until May 16

We've decided to extend the deadline for our Call for Proposals until Sunday, May 16, 23:59:59 CEST. We are still looking for a few more proposals, especially for posters, training sessions, and helpdesks.

For more information about submitting a proposal, you can read the original blog post announcing the Call for Proposals. To submit a proposal directly, please log in to the site (or create an account first) and then proceed to the CFP page:

EuroPython 2021 Call for Proposals (CFP)

If you have questions, please write to

EuroPython 2021 Team
EuroPython Society
EuroPython 2021 Website

EuroPython 2021: Call for Sponsors

We're happy to announce our call for sponsors. Reach out to enthusiastic Python developers, users and professionals worldwide by presenting your company at this year’s EuroPython 2021 Online conference, from July 26 - Aug 1, 2021!

EuroPython 2021 Sponsor Packages

Sponsoring EuroPython guarantees you highly targeted visibility and the opportunity to present yourself and your company in a professional and innovative environment.

We have adjusted our conference sponsor packages for the online format and lowered their prices, giving you an excellent opportunity to reach out to attendees from all around the world. You can run your own virtual rooms, text channels, run competitions, tutorials or give product presentations throughout the conference days.

Want to know more?

We have just published our sponsorship brochure for EuroPython 2021, with full details and demographics:

EuroPython 2021 Sponsor Brochure

For a quick overview, you can also head over to our sponsor packages page. Feel free to contact us with any questions at

EuroPython 2021 Sponsor Packages (PDF)

Special offer for early bird sponsors

Sponsors who sign up before or on May 7, will receive a special 10% discount on the sponsor package price.

Become a sponsor and support EuroPython 2021 today!

You can sign up on the sponsor packages page.

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