Microsoft at EuroPython 2023

We’re thrilled to be a Platinum Sponsor of EuroPython again this year, happening from July 17th-23rd in Prague, Czechia. If you can’t make it in person, you can still attend the conference remotely, as EuroPython is a hybrid event this year!

Our team member: Steve Dower, will be giving talks during the conference:

Make sure you don’t miss them!  We’ll also be at the Microsoft booth talking about the hard work our teams have been doing to continue supporting the Python community, and to improve the experience for Python developers across our products over the past year.

For instance, Visual Studio Code, which has become the most used editor for Python developers in 2021, has a new and improved experience when working with Jupyter notebooks, a revamped test explorer via the Python extension, and now comes with new Python dev tools extensions (such as pylint, black and isort). We have also enabled a smooth and lightweight editing experience on the web with and, and a feature-rich one in GitHub Codespaces.

We have also improved Data Science workflows inside of Visual Studio Code. Polyglot notebooks now supports Python, allowing you to use multiple programming languages natively all in the same notebook in Visual Studio Code! No more needing wrapper libraries or magic commands to work with your favorite languages in the same notebook! With polyglot notebooks, each language in Polyglot Notebooks gets a first-class editing experience with language server support such as autocompletion, syntax highlighting, and signature help. Variable explorer now allows you to check values and share variables across all the supported languages.

Additionally, we have launched the Data Wrangler extension in Visual Studio Code. With Data Wrangler, you can seamlessly clean and explore your data in VS Code. It offers a variety of features that will help you quickly identify and fix errors, inconsistencies, and missing data. You can perform data profiling and data quality checks, visualize data distributions, and easily transform data into the format you need. Plus, Data Wrangler comes with a library of built-in transformations and visualizations, so you can focus on your data, not the code. As you make changes, the tool generates code using open-source Python libraries for the data transformation operations you perform. This means you can write better data preparation programs faster and with fewer errors. The code also keeps Data Wrangler transparent and helps you verify the correctness of the operation as you go.

In the machine learning and AI realm, Azure Machine Learning Visual Studio Code Web integration is now in public preview. VS Code for the Web provides you with a full-featured development environment for building your machine learning projects, all from the browser and without required installations or dependencies. And by connecting your Azure Machine Learning compute instance, you get the rich and integrated development experience VS Code offers, enhanced by the power of Azure Machine Learning. Furthermore, Prompt Flow for Azure Machine Learning is now in preview! Prompt Flow provides a streamlined experience for prompting, evaluating, tuning, and operationalizing large language models. With prompt flow, you can quickly create prompt workflows that connect to various language models and data sources. This allows for building intelligent applications and assessing the quality of your workflows to choose the best prompt for your case.

These are only some of the many things we look forward to chatting with you at EuroPython. But if you can’t make it there, no problem - you can always connect to us through our Discord channel.

Whether it’s in person or virtually, we all look forward to meeting you!

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