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EuroPython 2022: Ticket Sales Open on 17 March!

Hey hey!

Planning a conference is easy and stress-free”, said no organiser ever!!

After months of intense spreadsheets, emails between teams, venues, suppliers, we are psyched to announce the details of EuroPython 2022 ticket sales!

📓Quick Summary of the EuroPython 2022

EuroPython 2022 will be held on 11th-17th July and it will be both in-person and virtual. It will be held at The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD) in Dublin, Ireland.

  • Two Workshop/Tutorial Days (11-12 July, Mon-Tue)
  • Three Conference Days (13-15 July, Wed-Fri)
  • Sprint Weekend (16-17 July, Sat-Sun)

🎟Ticket Types

  • Combined Tickets: Access to everything during the whole seven-day conference.
  • Conference Tickets: Access to Conference days, Sprint Weekend, and some sponsored/special workshops during workshop/tutorial days.
  • Tutorial Tickets: Access to Workshop/Tutorial Days and the Sprint Weekend.

🎫Ticket Tiers

  • Business tickets: If your company/business is paying for you or if you use Python professionally.
  • Personal tickets: If you enjoy Python as a hobbyist or a freelancer.
  • Education tickets: If you are a pupil, student and if your institution cannot cover a higher tier for you to attend.

🕊Early Bird Ticket Sales

The much anticipated Early Bird ticket sales will open in 2 days on 17th March. We're offering a flat 33% discount across all tiers for Early Bird Conference Tickets.

We have a total of 250 Early Bird tickets (130 Business, 80 Personal, 40 Education) up for grabs!

The floodgates open on Thursday, 17th March 2022 at 13:00 AM CET.

Don’t forget to bookmark the URL:

We’ll switch to regular ticket sales as soon as Early Bird tickets are sold out.

P.S. During our last in-person conference in Basel in 2019, the Early Bird tickets sold out in 15 minutes, stay frosty & remember the early bird gets the worm ;)

❓More details & Financial Aid

For full details including ticket prices, please see our ticket page.

We are committed to making EuroPython a diverse and inclusive environment. Towards our commitment, we are running a Financial Aid Programme to help individuals who would otherwise not be able to attend the conference. The programme is already open and will run till 23rd May 2022.

Got any more questions? We’ve got you covered at

💻Guido van Rossum (GvR) Core Developer | EuroPython Fellow Grant

As part of the GvR grant, we are again offering free combined tickets to Python Core Developers. At EuroPython, let’s celebrate their hard work, exchange ideas, the thoughtful and the fanciful, and say thanks to them in person!

We are also offering free combined tickets to all of our newly elected EuroPython Fellows, as an appreciation for their major contribution to the past EuroPython conferences and Society.

Please check out our grant page for details on how to apply for the GvR grant or EuroPython Fellow grant. We cannot wait to welcome you to our conference!

🎗Reminder: Call for Proposal & Mentorship Programme

The Call for Proposals for EuroPython is well underway and we’ve already received some really exciting proposals. We’ll be accepting proposals till 27th March 2022, 23:59 AoE

Don’t wait for the last moment and head over to to submit your talk proposals!

We also now have a Discord channel connecting first-time speakers with experienced speakers as part of our Mentorship Programme. Sign up today if you want a Mentor to help you shape up your proposals:

Can’t wait to see y’all in Dublin!

The EuroPython Team

EuroPython 2022: Call for Proposals, Financial Aid & Mentorship Programme Open

Hello Pythonistas,

Whoever coined the phrase “All good things come in three”, was definitely right. After months of discussion, juggling between various platforms and multiple revisions, the EuroPython 2022 team are really excited to launch the Call for Proposals (CFP), Speaker Mentorship Programme & the Financial Aid applications.

📢Call for Proposals

We're happy to announce the EuroPython 2022 Call for Proposals (CFP) and are accepting proposals for talks, training sessions, workshops, panels, poster sessions, helpdesks and other interactive sessions at EuroPython 2022.

We will leave the CFP open from today (8th March) until

Sunday, 27th March, 23:59:59 AoE (anywhere on earth).

The conference will feature around 20 tutorials/workshops and 120 talk sessions:

  • 11-12 July: four tracks of tutorials/workshops
  • 13-15 July: four tracks of talk sessions of Python general topics on e.g. Programming, Software Engineering, Cloud, DevOps, Web, Django
  • 13-15 July: two tracks of talk sessions of PyData related topics

We're looking for proposals on all aspects of Python from novice to advanced level, including but not limited to: applications, frameworks, Data Science, internals or topics which you're excited about, your experiences with Python and its ecosystem and creative or artistic things you've done with Python.

EuroPython is a community conference and we're eager to hear about how you use Python in your professional and personal activities. We especially encourage first-time submissions by speakers from under-represented backgrounds and more submissions with an advanced level scope for EuroPython 2022.

We’re looking forward to reviewing your proposals and having you at the conference:

Our programme team are happy to answer any questions/ queries you may have:

👩‍🎓👨‍🎓Speaker Mentoring Programme

Are you a seasoned speaker and want to mentor people? Are you considering submitting a proposal to EuroPython 2022 and would like guidance on your proposal?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, this Mentorship Programme is for you!

The purpose of this programme is to pair experienced speakers with those seeking guidance, especially those from under-represented backgrounds. Proposals could be for tutorials, talks, training, workshops and posters. Mentees may be in different stages of their proposal writing and may need help with different aspects of their proposal.

We’re also looking for experienced speakers to join as mentors to help answer questions folks may have about their proposal.

Mentors will also help the first time speakers better understand what information goes into the proposal form. Last but not the least, they’ll review their mentees’ proposal drafts.

The Mentorship Programme will accept applications till 20 March, 2022. The mentor-mentee will then be matched via email. The mentees will then have one week to work on their proposal with their assigned mentors.

You can find more information about the programme and the link to sign up here:

Got any questions? Drop us a line at

P.S. We also have a couple of sessions planned for writing effective proposals and how to deliver effective presentations.

💶Financial Aid

As part of our commitment to the Python community, we are pleased to announce that we offer special grants for people in need of financial aid to attend EuroPython.

The EuroPython Society (EPS) is giving a grant of €20,000 for the 2022 Financial Aid Programme.

As part of the Financial Aid Programme, you can apply for three different types of grants:

  • Free ticket: get a standard ticket to the conference for free
  • Travel / Accommodation: we will reimburse travel and/or accommodation costs up to €400
  • Visa Application Fee: get reimbursed for the costs of a single entry visa to Ireland (€60)
The Financial Aid Programme will run from 8th March, 2022 till 23rd May, 2022.

To get things rolling, please head over to the Finaid page for next steps:

If you’ve got any queries, then please drop us a note at

Spread the word: We encourage you to share these details with your colleagues, friends and social networks. Let's make EuroPython 2022 a fun-filled, inclusive and informative conference 🤗


EuroPython 2022 Team
EuroPython Society

EuroPython February 2022 Newsletter

Hello fellow Pythonistas,

We apologise for the delay in the release of the February newsletter. Our heart goes out to everyone affected by the humanitarian crisis, especially members of our community. We stand by our community and will continue to provide any support we can whatever happens.
We'll continue with our everyday activities in supporting Python communities across Europe. If you have any suggestions on specific ways to directly help our community affected by the conflict, drop us a line at

📝EuroPython Society Update

New-ish Team Structure

This year, we have made some changes to our traditional Workgroup Structure in place between 2015-2021. We aim to have a more balanced workload between contributors in different teams and give more autonomy to them while reducing the silos between teams.

We hope you like it. If you have any suggestions, email us:
Better yet, read on to see how to volunteer and make everything better together with us!

🍀EuroPython 2022 Conference Update

After 2 years of meeting our Python friends over Zoom, Matrix and Discord, we are now committed to an in-person conference (with a hybrid setup) at The CCD in Dublin on 11-17th July!

🗣Call for Proposals (CFP)

We are psyched to announce that we’ll launch our CFP on March 8th, 2022.

We're looking for proposals on every aspect of Python: programming from novice to advanced levels, applications, and frameworks, or how you have been involved in introducing Python into your organisation. EuroPython is a community conference and we are eager to hear about your experience.

In the EuroPython community, we emphasise the importance of diversity and inclusion. We also encourage and support potential first-time speakers. To help us achieve the goal, we will have the Speaker Mentorship program for EuroPython 2022. 

More details to follow on our newsletter, blog, and socials. Stay tuned!

💲Call for Sponsors

EuroPython will be held in-person this year in the mega tech-hub Dublin.

Without our sponsors, EuroPython won’t be the success that it is. With us back in-person, we’re excited to provide our sponsors with opportunities to connect with and support the Python community.

With its combination of academic excellence, research labs, and world-leading technology companies, Ireland makes for a thriving place for deep tech. As a sponsor of EuroPython 2022, the opportunities to promote yourself and support a great open-source community here will be second to none.

We will release our exciting sponsor packages in early March. If you are interested in sponsoring drop us a line already at

👩🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏽Call for Volunteers

EuroPython is organised and run by volunteers from the Python community. We always appreciate more help, more diverse voices to make the conference run smoothly and thoughtfully.

Donating your time for free is a big ask. But in return, you will be given a safe space to contribute your thoughts and work to shaping the conference to be for the community and of the community. And hopefully, you will also have a lot of fun in the process with our amazing team!

Interested in joining one of the teams? Hit us up at


We’re working hard to make EuroPython accessible to all. We’ll have more information about the tickets and the prices by mid-March.

We’ll also have a Financial Aid program this year to support speakers, students, and Pythonistas from around the world. The applications will be out on March 8th, 2022. Stay tuned!

Keeping the tradition from previous conferences, we’ll again offer free tickets to Python Core developers as part of our Guido van Rossum Core Developer Grant and our newly established EuroPython Fellows. We will also have an open invitation to organisers responsible for other Python conferences around Europe to attend lunch with us at The CCD. Stay tuned for more information!

Have any questions in the meantime? Hit us up at

🎗️ Upcoming Python Events

If you have a cool Python event and want to be featured, hit the reply button and write to us!

Python Ireland March Meetup (9th March 2022)
If you are like us who cannot wait any longer to meet more Pythonistas in Ireland, then join them in their March Meetup on Wednesday, 9 March 19:30- 21:30 online! You can submit a talk proposal here:

PyLadies Dublin x PyLadies London IWD Special (15th March 2022)
Celebrate International Women's Day with PyLadies Dublin & London virtual meetup. They have some interesting talks and activities planned. RSVP here:

Python Web Conference (21-26 March 2022)
The Python Web Conf is a virtual event designed to promote best practices for hard web production problems. Register & use our community sponsor code — EuroPython@PWC2022 — to get an EXTRA 15% off:

PyCon DE and PyData Berlin (11-13 April 2022)
PyCon DE and PyData Berlin is one month away! Check out their fantastic session list! We hear the tickets are selling fast, so grab yours now:

PyCamp Spain (15-18 April 2022)
PyCamp is a 4-day hackathon in the Spanish countryside. The event is as simple as getting together a small group away from the city with the basic requirements for the NERD to survive: Bed, Food, Energy, and the Internet. They also have Financial Aid options, hit them up at

The EPS share our love for the community through our grant programme! If you need support for your local event or conference, get in touch with us. We also want to support and promote sprints on humanitarian projects by providing Zoom or other infrastructure. Drop us a line at

🐍Cool Python Projects

Know a cool Python project? Hit the reply button and write to us!
  1. Black - Black, the uncompromising Python code formatter, is finally out of beta and is stable. Go check it out!
  2. Haystack - Haystack is an end-to-end framework that enables you to build powerful and production-ready pipelines for different search use cases.
  3. Poetry-polylith-plugin - A plugin for the Poetry tool that enables the concept of workspaces and the Polylith architecture.
  4. Bandit - Bandit is a tool designed to find common security issues in Python code.
  5. Optimum - Optimum is an extension of HuggingFace Transformers, providing a set of performance optimization tools enabling maximum efficiency to train and run models on targeted hardware.
  6. Tdda - Python module provides command-line and Python API support for the overall process of data analysis.

EuroPython January 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to the first EuroPython Newsletter! We hope to regularly share with you news about the EuroPython Society, updates on the upcoming EuroPython conference and cool Python things happening around us!

📝 EuroPython Society Update

EPS 2021-2022 Board

The last General Assembly (GA) took place on 10 Oct 2021, when our members elected a new board. You can learn more about each of them here or catch up with the GA recording.

Greetings from the EPS 2021-2022 Board

The entire board are very excited to continue serving the community! Drop an email any time for any improvement ideas, fun projects they should know about or just say hi!

2021 Q4 Fellows

We are overjoyed to announce the Q4 EuroPython Fellows: Giovanni Bajo, John Pinner (posthumously), Rob Collins (posthumously), Valeria Pettorino, Harald Armin Massa, Marc-André Lemburg, Artur Czepiel and Patrick Guido Arminio.

You can read about their contributions to the Society and the conferences, and join us in raising a toast to them!

Know someone who should be a EuroPython Fellow? Learn how to send in a nomination for the next quarter!

🍀 EuroPython 2022 Conference Update

We have resumed discussions with the team at The CCD in Dublin. Reacquainting ourselves with The CCD’s beautiful rooms, food & beverages offerings, we have our fingers firmly crossed for EuroPython 2022 to finally take place in Dublin on 11-17 July!

We are also investigating hybrid options to cater to the Pythonistas that cannot join us in Dublin. If you come across any hybrid solutions that impressed you, hit the reply button and share them with us! 💖

We have also been making some changes to the internal volunteer team structure. We hope to share more details in February and start working with you to build EuroPython 2022!

🎗️ Upcoming Python Events

If you have a cool Python event and want to be featured, hit the reply button and write to us!

FOSDEM 2022 (5-6 February 2022)

February is always made brighter because of FOSDEM! EuroPython 2021 learned much of how to do online from FOSDEM. "e are sure to be meeting, learning, and sharing online again this year! See you in the Python Track and beyond!

Python Ireland Meetup (9 February 2022 - Looking for Speakers)

If you are like us who cannot wait any longer to meet more Pythonistas in Ireland, then join them in their February Meetup on Wednesday, 9 February 18:30- 20:30 online! You can submit a talk proposal here:

PyLadies Dublin Meetup (15 February 2022 - Looking for Speakers)

In this Valentine’s special event, PyLadies Dublin teamed up with PyLadies Munich to share extra love with you! Submit your talk to speak at the special event here:

Python Web Conference (21-26 March 2022)

Early bird tickets for the 4th annual Python Web Conference are available until 1 February! You can use our community sponsor code — EuroPython@PWC2022 — to get an EXTRA 15% off:

PyCon DE and PyData Berlin (11-13 April 2022)

The wait is over and PyCon DE and PyData Berlin are returning in person! We hear the tickets are selling fast, so grab yours now:

The EPS cannot be more proud to be one of their Diversity & Financial Aid Sponsors this year!

PyCon Italia (2-5 June 2022)

If Python + Florence in June sounds appealing, then good news, everyone: PyCon Italy tickets are available for sale:

As a long-term sponsor of Python Italia, it brings us joy that our grant has made it easier for our friends in the community to get together again.

GeoPython 2022 (13-15 June 2022 - CFP Open)

The EPS are sponsoring GeoPython for the 4th year and we are very excited to learn they are going hybrid this year! Their CFP is now open, so be sure to submit your talk:

The EPS want to share our love for the community by giving out even more grants! If you need support for your local event or conference, get in touch with us: Read more about our grants program here:

📺 Rewatch Past Events

Pyjamas Conference

The Pyjamas conference took place on 4-5 Dec 2021. It was a great event featuring many interesting Python talks. You can rewatch the laziest Python conference on

Python Pizza Hamburg

Despite having to switch to a remote event, Python Pizza Hamburg made 11 Dec a superbly energising Saturday with a full day of lovely Python talks. We are so proud to have sponsored them a second time. If you missed it live, you can catch up now!

🐍 Cool Python Projects

Know a cool Python project? Hit the reply button and write to us!

We will be regularly asking you to share cool python projects you’ve come across through our Friday Recommendations tweets, so do look out for those! In the meantime, here are a few our EuroPython team have liked:

Subscribe to This Newsletter

As an organisation going strong in our 21st year, we also accumulated LOTS of mailing lists. We want to try something new in the new year: a cleaner and leaner way of delivering the news to you - this newsletter!

This replaces our previous EuroPython Announcements Mailing List. Apart from the monthly newsletter updates, we will send out a few more conference related emails closer to the conference. So subscribe and stay tuned! 🙌

Unsubscribe: If you no longer wish to receive our newsletters, simply click the Unsubscribe Button any time, at the end of the email:

EuroPython 2021: All edited videos now available

We’re happy to release another batch of 41 cut videos of EuroPython 2021 covering the third day sessions of the conference and a number of edited videos for the previous days. In total, we now have 118 videos waiting for you. You can watch them on our YouTube channel. We have created a EuroPython 2021 playlist for this.

EuroPython 2021 Playlist

All EuroPython Videos

Our YouTube channel has videos of all EuroPython conferences going back to 2011. Check out more than 1500 Python videos covering 10 conference years.

In the coming weeks, we'll upload the EuroPython 2021 videos to our channel as well.

EuroPython 2021 Team
EuroPython Society
EuroPython 2021 Website

EuroPython 2021: Edited videos of the second day available

We’re happy to release another batch of 35 cut videos of EuroPython 2021 covering most of the second day sessions of the conference. Together with the first day videos, we now have 77 videos waiting for you. You can watch them on our YouTube channel:

EuroPython 2021 Playlist

We’ll release the final batch of EuroPython 2021 videos next week. In total, we will have more than 115 videos with lots of valuable and interesting content for you, so please stop by and check the playlist for more videos, or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

BTW: Our YouTube channel has videos of all EuroPython conferences going back to 2011. Check out more than 1500 Python videos covering 10 conference years.

EuroPython 2021 Team
EuroPython Society
EuroPython 2021 Website

EuroPython 2021: Edited videos of the first day available

We’re happy to release the first 42 cut videos of EuroPython 2021 covering the first day sessions of the conference. You can watch them on our YouTube channel:

EuroPython 2021 Playlist

Over the next few weeks, we’ll continue releasing the videos for the second and third day of the conference. In total, we will have more than 115 videos with lots of valuable and interesting content for you, so please stop by and check the playlist for more videos, or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

EuroPython 2021 Team
EuroPython Society
EuroPython 2021 Website

EuroPython 2021 Attendee Spam

We got reports of some attendees of EuroPython 2021 that a company is trying to sell personal data of EuroPython attendees, which includes name, email, phone number, physical address, company name and more.

Be assured, our database is not leaked. We have security measures to prevent this.
The leaked data does not come from us.

We do not store people addresses, for instance. The sample data they sent is from publicly available data from our present and past sponsors. Ironically, of the various sample email addresses they sent, only one of them is actually in our database - and this email address is available on his website.

So, it is a scam. We have contacted this company already and asked them to stop. In the meantime we are asking all our attendees to ignore the message and treat it as spam.

EuroPython 2021: Invitation to Optiver Workshop

Optiver, our keystone sponsor, is running a free workshop on Monday. Anyone with a conference or combined ticket can attend and learn more about algorithmic trading, and even win prizes!

Continue reading to learn more about the workshop.

If you want to receive sponsor messages directly via email, please adjust your privacy settings on the conference website.

EuroPython 2021 Team
EuroPython Society
EuroPython 2021 Website

Optiver’s Workshop

Calling all EuroPython 2021 attendees, Optiver, our Keystone Sponsor, is inviting all conference attendees to attend a free workshop on Monday 26 July:

Optiver invites you to come dive into the fascinating world of algorithmic trading.

The financial industry’s daily activities (quite literally) move at the speed of light. To keep pace, Optiver uses sophisticated technology and advanced trading algorithms to execute our trading activities. Fuelled by our Python developers, we’re able to trade in higher volumes, at higher speeds, with faster reactions and tighter pricing spreads. Have we sparked your interest yet? Just wait.

By joining Optiver’s EuroPython workshop, you’ll not only learn all about how we process market data and use it to capture opportunities that are gone in the blink of an eye. You’ll also have the chance to apply this theoretical knowledge by building your own profitable trading strategy and executing it in Optibook – Optiver’s simulated financial exchange. It’s the closest you can get to real-world trading experience, and a chance to discover: do you have what it takes to program under the pressure of the markets?

To make the most of this invaluable opportunity, join us on 26 July from 1:15 PM to 4:30 PM CEST. Participants can decide whether to work independently or in teams, with the three best algorithms awarded a prize at the end.

We look forward to seeing you there and taking your Python skills to the next level.

Best regards,
The Optiver Team

EuroPython 2021: Preparing for the conference

EuroPython 2021 is approaching quickly and we would like to take a moment to give you some additional tips to make the event as productive and enjoyable as possible.

Configure your EuroPython account

Firstly, you should configure your EuroPython account, tickets and profile, so that we get the right information for on-boarding you to our EuroPython conference system in the coming days and your communication preferences.

This is particularly important if you bought tickets for other people. If they have not registered on the website and been assigned a ticket, we cannot on-board them to our conference system.

Log in to the conference website

To begin managing your account, log in to the website. If you don’t have an account yet, you can register easily using email and password or Google authentication.

Please avoid creating multiple accounts, since this can create confusion and merging accounts is not possible.

Assigning tickets to other people

If you have purchased multiple tickets, you can now assign the tickets to other people, e.g. in your company.

To distribute tickets, the people you want to assign them to need to have an account on our system. Please tell them to register on the EuroPython website and provide you with the email address they used to register.

Once they have registered and you have the email address they used, you can then go to the ticket section and reassign the ticket:

Click on “Assign ticket” and then enter the email address of the person to assign the ticket to:

Clicking save will then transfer the ticket to the new user.

Configuring your EuroPython account

The website also provides multiple options for configuring your account:

The “Profile settings” allow you to edit the profile shown on the website. This is especially important for speakers, since their profiles will be public and associated with their presentations.

The “Privacy settings” dialog allows you to opt-in to sponsor messages and recruiting emails from our sponsors.

Receiving sponsor messages

If you are looking for a new job or freelance opportunity, opting-in for sponsor messages in your privacy settings is a good way to get more information from sponsors who will present in our recruiting session.

Sponsors will also use these messages to share information about upcoming events, perks or other offers.

The sponsor message will be sent by the EuroPython Organizers (sponsors don't receive your email addresses). They will begin this week and continue throughout the conference week. No emails will be sent after the conference.

Printing your invoice

If you have bought tickets on the website, you will find the invoices for the tickets on your account page as well:

You can download the invoice in PDF format, print and save it to your records.

Access to the EuroPython conference system

Now that everything is configured, you can try out access to the conference system. This is only possible if you have a conference, combined or sprint ticket. For view-only tickets, please see below.

For EuroPython 2021 we will use a Matrix based chat server to run the event. The server is integrated with the website, so you will not have to go through a separate registration process. Access to the system requires a valid conference, combined or sprint ticket.

We recommend using a Chromium-based browser for best compatibility and experience with the tools we are using for the conference system.

In order to enter the conference system, please log in to the EuroPython website. This will take you to the user account page. Scroll down to the “EuroPython Conference System” section and take note of the email address and password listed there.

If you are using Google authentication for the EuroPython website, the system will create a password token for you to log in to the conference system. The token is just valid for the conference system, not the EuroPython website.

Using these credentials you can then open the Element web client for our Matrix server by clicking on the button. Enter the credentials and log in to the system.

Upon first login, the server will configure your account, so things will take a bit longer to get set up. Subsequent logins should be much faster.

You can find more details and a short intro video on our conference system webpage.

Please make sure you stay logged in to the EuroPython website while using the conference system. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see the session streams.

Accessing the view-only live streams

All ticket holders, including those who have a view-only ticket, are able to watch the streams directly on the EuroPython website.

We have configured a special streaming page which allows you to see the streams live, but without any speaker or attendee interaction:

The page has a selector at the top, which will provide direct access to all available streams. Which streams are shown depends on your ticket type.

If you’d rather participate using the fully interactive conference system, you can still buy conference or combined tickets in our shop to get access -- the shop will remain open throughout the conference.

Preparing for training sessions

If you are planning to attend one of the training sessions or workshops, please read up on their session descriptions to check whether they will require prior setups or downloads.

Hint: Even if you only have a conference ticket, you will still be able to join the sponsored training sessions in room “Argument Clinic” on Monday and Tuesday.

Virtual swag

Since our sponsors can’t distribute swag from their sponsor booths as they typically do at our in-person events, we have put together a virtual swag page for all attendees.

You can find the swag page under “Setup” on our website:

If you have additional questions about the sponsor offerings, feel free to contact them during the conference days on the conference system.

Finding jobs at the conference

EuroPython is a great place to find new and exciting jobs, all involving Python as the main programming language. Many of our sponsors have job openings and would love to get in touch with you.

You find the conference job board under “Sponsors”:

We will also send out job offers for our sponsors as emails. Please enable receiving sponsor messages in your account’s privacy settings to allow us to send you those emails (see above for instructions on how to do this).

Additionally, anyone is free to post job offerings in the “Jobs” lobby room on the conference system:

so watch this space as well.

More tips for attendees

We will copy the tips from this blog post and additional tips to our "Tips for Attendees" page listed under “Registration” on the conference website:

If you have questions about any of these tips, please write to

EuroPython 2021 Team
EuroPython Society
EuroPython 2021 Website