EuroPython 2021: Opening our Merchandise Shop

We’re very happy to announce our merchandise shop for EuroPython 2021, with a fabulous new design for the attendee t-shirts:

EuroPython 2021 Merch Shop

You can find the shop under the "EuroPython" menu entry on the conference website:

The shop is run on the Spreadshirt platform and so Spreadshirt will handle all payments, invoicing and shipping.

We have preconfigured a large number of items in the shop based on the designs for EuroPython 2021, but you can also customize the looks by clicking on the editing pen on the product pages.

Attendee T-Shirt Design

Any profit this creates will go towards the EuroPython financial aid budget, so will be put to good use.


To make things a little easier for you, we have configured the following discounts Spreadshirt offers:

  • 20% off from July 8 - 11
  • 15% off from July 12 - 15
  • free shipping from July 16 - 19

Shipping worldwide

Spreadshirt is shipping to a lot of destinations worldwide.

Unfortunately, they don’t support shipping to the US, Australia, Brasil and a few other countries on their European shop system for tax reasons. If you'd like to order from one of those countries, perhaps you can find a friendly Pythonista who would be willing to forward you the merch from Europe.

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