EuroPython 2021: Meet our Keystone Sponsor Optiver

We are excited to have Optiver as our Keystone Sponsor for EuroPython 2021. Optiver uses Python to drive their market maker business in the financial industry.

You can participate in their free training session, visit their sponsor exhibit rooms, and talk with their staff to learn more about the Python ecosystem they have created.

Please continue reading to learn more about Optiver.

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About Optiver

We’re market makers. In simple terms, we provide buy and sell prices for financial products on exchanges across the globe. By providing this liquidity we help make markets more efficient. Every day at Optiver is an opportunity to solve the seemingly impossible. What we build, code, develop and strategise pushes the boundaries of technological and analytical possibility in the world of electronic trading. Every team member has an integral part to play in this endeavour, which is why collaboration lies at the heart of everything we do. From traders, engineers, researchers, and support, we work in unison to find solutions to incredibly complex problems. It’s a melting pot of dynamic thought, simple execution and pioneering spirits, and we’re always looking for fresh new thinking to help us achieve our mission.

How Python Plays a Vital Role in our Business

Working in infrastructure, development, and operations, our engineers are driven by the need to understand technology at its deepest level. Some of the ways we use Python include interfacing with our physical systems, managing our production environments, and gaining insights into how they’re performing. It also plays a crucial role in our monitoring by collecting metrics data and raising alerts when anomalies are found in our trading systems. We also use it to manage our data pipelines including job scheduling, analytics, and quality control. The list goes on but what remains the same is how Python is crucial to solving the complexity of trading with elegant, simple solutions.

Optiver at EuroPython 2021

We’re extremely excited to once again be a part of EuroPython. Not only as a keystone sponsor but also as a participant looking to share ideas and learn from the many innovative minds in attendance. We’ll be hosting two talks, including a workshop - Activate Your Interest in Coding for Algorithmic Trading, where developers will get the chance to trade on Optibook, our proprietary simulated exchange. You’ll learn the fundamentals of trading such as what are order-books, order-types, liquidity, positions, and gain insights into the different trading systems involved. You’ll then get to test your abilities with Python by creating a profitable trading strategy that can handle the pressures of the market. We look forward to hosting you at our workshop, so please join us and come learn more about the exciting space in which we operate.

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