EuroPython 2021: Meet our Diamond Sponsor Bloomberg

We are excited to have Bloomberg as one of our two Diamond Sponsors for EuroPython 2021. Bloomberg has more than a hundred million lines of Python code under management and engages heavily in supporting Python’s   development and community.

You can participate in their free training session, visit their sponsor exhibit rooms, and talk with their staff to learn more about the Python ecosystem they have created.

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Bloomberg Celebrates 30 Years of Python + 20 Years of EuroPython

As we prepare for EuroPython 2021, we wanted to share a little bit about the long journey for Python within Bloomberg. We also want to recognize the 30th anniversary of this powerful programming language that we celebrated earlier this year, as well as the 20th edition of the EuroPython conference.

There’s nothing better than a milestone like this to reflect upon the impact our company’s engineers have had on this programming language.

As a company, we are proud of the journey we've been through. In less than a decade, we've gone from writing Python 2 code with little to no expertise to being a company that is leading the evolution of Python.

Today, Python is one of the most used languages at Bloomberg. With more than half a million Python files and a hundred million lines of Python code, we are running a Python program more than 3.7 billion times each month. The scale of our Python usage is massive!

At Bloomberg, we believe that a free and open source project like Python requires collaboration from all of us. That is why we are proud to have many engineers who are committed to improving Python and its ecosystem. Within our company, we have some of the maintainers of projects like tox, virtualenv, pip, pipx, TOML, Project Jupyter, bqplot, auditwheel, CPython, python-build, mplfinance, and attrs-strict among others.

We have also made substantial contributions to Python with both code and in the form of Python Enhancement Proposals (PEPs), having participated in PEPs for positional only arguments, the new parser, pattern matching, the extensible customization of the interpreter startup, improving tracebacks displayed by the CPython interpreter in order to improve the debugging experience, and standardizing editable installs (PEP-660 and PEP-662).

We are also quite excited to count Pablo Galindo Salgado, a member of the Python Steering Council, who is also serving as the release manager for Python 3.10 and Python 3.11, as part of our internal Python community. During this 30th anniversary year, he’s shared some of his hopes and dreams for the future of Python  and will be talking about them, as well as previewing Python 3.10, during the opening keynote of EuroPython 2021 on Wednesday, July 28 at 09:10 CEST.

In addition to supporting numFOCUS, we have also sponsored the Python Software Foundation (PSF) since 2017, and recently became its second Visionary Sponsor. As part of this, we’ve committed to providing two years of funding for a full-time Project & Community Manager for the Python Packaging ecosystem.

By supporting this ‘shift left’ to test earlier in the development process (when changes are easier and less costly to make), we will help improve software quality throughout the Python Packaging ecosystem – something that will benefit the entire Python community.

Learn more about how corporate users of open source software can partner with the ecosystems who provide that software to improve the end-to-end experience for everyone during a live Upstream webinar featuring Kevin P. Fleming, Head of Open Source Community Engagement in Bloomberg’s CTO Office, on Wednesday, August 4th at 2 PM EDT.

We thank our more than 2,000 Python developers around the globe who have been part of this journey. The evolution of Python has been -- and still is -- driven by this amazing community of incredibly diverse Pythonistas. Keep an eye out for a bunch of them in the video interstitials that will be playing in between sessions throughout EuroPython 2021.

We wish you a great week and encourage you to check out the training sessions and talks that some of our Python engineers will be giving during this year’s EuroPython 2021 Online:

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