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EuroPython 2021: Preparing for the conference

EuroPython 2021 is approaching quickly and we would like to take a moment to give you some additional tips to make the event as productive and enjoyable as possible.

Configure your EuroPython account

Firstly, you should configure your EuroPython account, tickets and profile, so that we get the right information for on-boarding you to our EuroPython conference system in the coming days and your communication preferences.

This is particularly important if you bought tickets for other people. If they have not registered on the website and been assigned a ticket, we cannot on-board them to our conference system.

Log in to the conference website

To begin managing your account, log in to the website. If you don’t have an account yet, you can register easily using email and password or Google authentication.

Please avoid creating multiple accounts, since this can create confusion and merging accounts is not possible.

Assigning tickets to other people

If you have purchased multiple tickets, you can now assign the tickets to other people, e.g. in your company.

To distribute tickets, the people you want to assign them to need to have an account on our system. Please tell them to register on the EuroPython website and provide you with the email address they used to register.

Once they have registered and you have the email address they used, you can then go to the ticket section and reassign the ticket:

Click on “Assign ticket” and then enter the email address of the person to assign the ticket to:

Clicking save will then transfer the ticket to the new user.

Configuring your EuroPython account

The website also provides multiple options for configuring your account:

The “Profile settings” allow you to edit the profile shown on the website. This is especially important for speakers, since their profiles will be public and associated with their presentations.

The “Privacy settings” dialog allows you to opt-in to sponsor messages and recruiting emails from our sponsors.

Receiving sponsor messages

If you are looking for a new job or freelance opportunity, opting-in for sponsor messages in your privacy settings is a good way to get more information from sponsors who will present in our recruiting session.

Sponsors will also use these messages to share information about upcoming events, perks or other offers.

The sponsor message will be sent by the EuroPython Organizers (sponsors don't receive your email addresses). They will begin this week and continue throughout the conference week. No emails will be sent after the conference.

Printing your invoice

If you have bought tickets on the website, you will find the invoices for the tickets on your account page as well:

You can download the invoice in PDF format, print and save it to your records.

Access to the EuroPython conference system

Now that everything is configured, you can try out access to the conference system. This is only possible if you have a conference, combined or sprint ticket. For view-only tickets, please see below.

For EuroPython 2021 we will use a Matrix based chat server to run the event. The server is integrated with the website, so you will not have to go through a separate registration process. Access to the system requires a valid conference, combined or sprint ticket.

We recommend using a Chromium-based browser for best compatibility and experience with the tools we are using for the conference system.

In order to enter the conference system, please log in to the EuroPython website. This will take you to the user account page. Scroll down to the “EuroPython Conference System” section and take note of the email address and password listed there.

If you are using Google authentication for the EuroPython website, the system will create a password token for you to log in to the conference system. The token is just valid for the conference system, not the EuroPython website.

Using these credentials you can then open the Element web client for our Matrix server by clicking on the button. Enter the credentials and log in to the system.

Upon first login, the server will configure your account, so things will take a bit longer to get set up. Subsequent logins should be much faster.

You can find more details and a short intro video on our conference system webpage.

Please make sure you stay logged in to the EuroPython website while using the conference system. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see the session streams.

Accessing the view-only live streams

All ticket holders, including those who have a view-only ticket, are able to watch the streams directly on the EuroPython website.

We have configured a special streaming page which allows you to see the streams live, but without any speaker or attendee interaction:

The page has a selector at the top, which will provide direct access to all available streams. Which streams are shown depends on your ticket type.

If you’d rather participate using the fully interactive conference system, you can still buy conference or combined tickets in our shop to get access -- the shop will remain open throughout the conference.

Preparing for training sessions

If you are planning to attend one of the training sessions or workshops, please read up on their session descriptions to check whether they will require prior setups or downloads.

Hint: Even if you only have a conference ticket, you will still be able to join the sponsored training sessions in room “Argument Clinic” on Monday and Tuesday.

Virtual swag

Since our sponsors can’t distribute swag from their sponsor booths as they typically do at our in-person events, we have put together a virtual swag page for all attendees.

You can find the swag page under “Setup” on our website:

If you have additional questions about the sponsor offerings, feel free to contact them during the conference days on the conference system.

Finding jobs at the conference

EuroPython is a great place to find new and exciting jobs, all involving Python as the main programming language. Many of our sponsors have job openings and would love to get in touch with you.

You find the conference job board under “Sponsors”:

We will also send out job offers for our sponsors as emails. Please enable receiving sponsor messages in your account’s privacy settings to allow us to send you those emails (see above for instructions on how to do this).

Additionally, anyone is free to post job offerings in the “Jobs” lobby room on the conference system:

so watch this space as well.

More tips for attendees

We will copy the tips from this blog post and additional tips to our "Tips for Attendees" page listed under “Registration” on the conference website:

If you have questions about any of these tips, please write to

EuroPython 2021 Team
EuroPython Society
EuroPython 2021 Website

EuroPython 2021: Data Science Mini-Conference

It has become a tradition at EuroPython to include a special data science track. This year, we have expanded on the theme and included more data science related content than ever before, including keynotes and workshops -- our own EuroPython Data Science mini-conference which includes:

  • 37 Talks
  • 9 Workshops
  • 2 Keynotes
  • 2 Interactive Sessions
  • one Poster

Tickets are still available through our online shop and will be throughout next week.

Data Science Keynotes

We’ would like like to highlight our data science keynotes on Thursday:

Claudia Comito: Connecting Communities: the Helmholtz Analytics Framework and the making of Heat

HPC, Scientific Big Data, co-design, Python: beneath the buzzwords, bringing together academics from the most disparate research fields to work on a common product is no easy feat. What worked, what didn't, and lessons learned from the Helmholtz Analytics Framework experience.

Dr. Kimberly Arcand: Our Universe through Sight, Sound & Touch

Information of our Universe doesn't have to be just a two-dimensional snap shot. We can transform these data to be able to listen, feel, or (virtually) move through cosmic objects.  Listen to the debris from an exploded star, walk through the core of our Milky Way in virtual reality, feel vibrations of a stellar nursery, and experience our universe anew.

For full information, please check our Data Science @ EuroPython 2021 page, which lists the complete data science program.

Access to the data science parts of the conference is part of our regular conference tickets. If you want to participate in the data science content, please obtain a combined ticket.

EuroPython 2021 Team
EuroPython Society
EuroPython 2021 Website

EuroPython 2021: Full-Day Workshops

This year's edition of EuroPython begins with two days of training sessions as outlined in the schedule. Many of these last 3 hours, however, we would like to highlight two specific workshops available to those who want a deeper dive. They are most valuable for people new to the Python language and ecosystem, and focus on different things.

Django Girls Workshop

Returning for another year, Django Girls will be running a workshop that will teach you how to build your own blog from scratch over the course of the day. Attendees will be split into small groups, and there are no special requirements!

Django Girls Workshop @ EuroPython

The Django Girls Workshop is scheduled on Monday, July 26th, starting at 09:30 CEST (07:30 UTC). Registration for this workshop is handled via application on their website, which details the criteria they look for in applicants.

Read on to learn more about the workshop and Django Girls.

Beginners' Day Workshop

There is also another workshop facilitated by Humble Data, serving as an introduction to how Python is used in the data science community. This also has no special requirements, and attendees will similarly be working in small, focused groups.

Beginners’ Day Workshop

The Beginners’ Day Workshop run by Humble Data is scheduled for Tuesday, July 27, starting at 09:30 CEST (07:30 UTC). Attendance is free for conference and combined ticket holders.

Read on to learn more about the workshop and Humble Data.

EuroPython 2021 Team
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EuroPython 2021: Conference Organisers & Community Discounts

The EuroPython Society (EPS) exists not only to run the EuroPython Conference, but also to support the wider Python community in Europe. It accomplishes this in many ways; here are two of them!

EuroPython 2021

Organisers' Lunch

We have an open invitation for organisers responsible for other Python conferences around Europe to attend lunch with us. The aim is for us all to get to know each other and share advice on running events, as well as determine how we, the EPS, can support other events.

To enable this, we are offering one free conference ticket per conference team, to ensure that each event can send a representative. If you would like to avail of this, please email to introduce yourselves, your event and the background of your team.

The lunch is planned for the Thursday or Friday of the event, and finalised details will be announced closer to the conference.

Community Discounts

In addition to the aforementioned lunch, we would also like to support individuals who attend conferences and smaller user groups around Europe. Although we cannot offer free tickets, we would like to offer discounted tickets to local communities.

If you are a regular attendee to Python events, please direct your local organisers to this post; they may submit a request for this community discount, and will be responsible for distributing them to the people who attend their events.

If you are responsible for organising Python events, please reach out to in order to obtain a discount code for your attendees, encouraging them to engage with the global Python community.

These discount codes will provide 10% off all ticket prices; they are intended for groups of 30-50 members, but we can provide codes for larger groups as long as this requirement is mentioned in your initial contact email.

EuroPython 2021 Team
EuroPython Society
EuroPython 2021 Website