Featured training: Iterators, Generators and Decorators

The training “Iterators, Generators and Decorators” will be given by Mike Müller.

Mike’s tutorial is a systematic introduction to the topics iterators, generators and decorators. It covers all relevant information with a focus on practical applications for common tasks. Attendees will learn how iterators, generators and decorators work and how to write better and more efficient programs with them. If you are new to these topics or tried but got confused about functions that return functions that return functions, this tutorial will help you to understand the how and the why.

Mike Müller is the EuroPython 2014 chair and also hosted the PyCon DE 2011 and 2012. He is originator and lead organizer of EuroSciPy 2008 and 2009, Chair Board Python Software Verband e.V. In addition he works Python Trainer and CEO of Python Academy GmbH & Co. KG. and tought Python to thousands of people over the last ten years.

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