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Over the last few weeks, Anthon van der Neut, our media work group chair for EP2015 and EP2016, put in a lot of effort into getting all our conference videos on, the Internet Archive. is not meant as an alternative for YouTube to watch the videos, but it allows you to retrieve the original uploads, and as such also functions as a backup location for the us and the community.

He first downloaded all videos from our YouTube account (over 2.5TB as of this writing), then enriched the meta data based on the talk information we have on the websites, fixed issues he found, and then uploaded the videos and meta data to our account. Overall, around 40 hours of work went into this.

We now have more than 1000 conference videos available on our account, covering EP2014 - EP2020.


EuroPython videos on

Thanks, Anthon, for making this possible !


EuroPython 2021 Team

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