EuroPython logistics - PLEASE READ

Here are some final information and reminders about conference logistics

1. Tickets for trainings

For logistic reasons (badge production) we had to close the training registration last week. For the remaining training seats you can request a training ticket for free at the conference desk if there are any remaining seats. However, we will not accept requests by email to be put on a waiting list. So if you are interested in participating in a training and don’t have a ticket yet: Please show up at the conference desk early and ask for remaining seats.

2. Become an Angel – Support EuroPython as a volunteer and make new contacts

EuroPython is organized and run by volunteers from the Python community. Everyone who is attending EuroPython is welcome, and all help is very much appreciated.

Want to get started? Read about the various opportunities to get involved below, and consider signing up for the EuroPython! It’s how our community stays informed throughout the year, and signing up doesn’t commit you to anything.

Spending some time as a volunteer is also an opportunity for making new contacts, getting in touch with the community, finding both other new community members as well as long-time Pythonistas. Every atteendee is invited to help us in order make this conference a pleasant and memorable experience.

3. EuroPython BarCamp and Sprint

On Saturday and Sunday of the conference you may attend the Python BarCamp and/or the EuroPython sprints. Please check the details below and register (for logistic reasons):

4. Tickets for partner programme and EuroPython Dinner

Tickets for the EuroPython Dinner on Wednsday and the partner programme can be bought until the conference or at the conference registration desk.

5. Guidebook App

The schedule and related information is directly available on your smartphone or mobile device through the Guidebook app.

6. Evaluation of talks and trainings

Training  attendees can give feedback by filling out feedback forms that the  trainers will hand out. We will use Guidebook for handling the feedback  for talks. All talk entries within the Guidebook app will have a like to  a feedback form where you can rate a talk and leave some optional  feedback.

7. Follow-up conference updates

Do not miss conference update. We recommend to follow us on Twitter @europython and check for regular updated on (or subscribe to the RSS feed of the blog).
Please use #ep14 as official hashtag for postings on Twitter and other social media.

8. Code of Conduct

EuroPython 2014 is covered by a Code of Conduct. Please make sure that you read the Code of Conduct. If you have complaints about violations of the Code of Conduct then please contact the EuroPython staff members or give us a call at the given phone numbers. We want that EuroPython 2014 is a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

9. Call for Membership Applications to the EuroPython Society

Check out for details.

10. Travel information

General travel information for getting to Berlin can be found here:
We are going to publish a more detailed Berlin guide before the conference.

11. Public transportation

Your EuroPython badge is also a free ticket for the publication transportation in the A+B zone during the conference. See for further information.

12. Occupancy tax in Berlin

There is a 5% occupancy tax in Berlin for all tourist travellers. Business travellers like all conference visitors do not need to pay the tax but you need to present an attestation (from your company or by yourself) to the hotel in order to avoid the 5% surcharge. See (English forms at the bottom of the page) for further information.

13. Meeting with other conference attendants

We plan to use a social media service where you can arrange meetings with others for eating & drinking, doing a morning run, taking a break and touring through Berlin or whatever. We will announce details shortly.

All information related to EuroPython 2014 can be found on our web site. Please let us know if you are missing anything or if you need further assistance. The best way to contact us is through email ( or Twitter @europython. We check these communications channels regularly.

We hope that you will enjoy EuroPython 2014 and wish you a great week in Berlin with lots of interesting talks and trainings, meetings with even-minded people and of course fun and enjoyment.

Best regards and see you in Berlin!

Your EuroPython 2014 organiser team

If you have any questions please contact us!

Twitter: @europython

Thank you very much!
The EuroPython 2014 team

Python Software Verband e.V.
Schulstraße 20
15366 Neuenhagen bei Berlin, Germany
USt-ID: DE287430795

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