Call for Application to Become a Member of the EuroPython Society

We would like to invite all EuroPython attendees to become a member of the EuroPython Society (EPS).

Since we regard the EPS as representation of the EuroPython attendees, working hard to make every single EuroPython conference a professional, high quality and fun event.

If you have suggestions for enhancements, changes or anything we could do to make EuroPython an even better event, please contact us at

You can sign up as a Member via the following form:     

Deadline is Tuesday 22nd, Midday (CET).

Note: Our bylaws do require members to be voted in by the board and because this hasn’t been done in the past, the new board is working towards getting all EuroPython attendees who want to have official voting rights in the EPS General Assembly signed up as EPS members.


EuroPython Society

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