EuroPython 2021: Volume Discount for Company Teams

EuroPython 2021 offers special discounts on business tickets for company teams.

EuroPython Volume Discounts

If you are going to attend the conference as a team, we offer the following volume discounts as a thank you:

  • 5 business tickets for the price of 4
  • 10 business tickets for the price of 8
  • 15 business tickets for the price of 11

In addition to the above offer, we'll also send out a mention on Twitter welcoming your team.

Your company should email to apply. You will then receive a coupon code and the welcome tweet will be handled by us.

You can also visit the ticket shop to view the different ticket types and this year’s schedule to see the timetable for EuroPython 2021 in your local time zone.

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