EuroPython 2018: Introducing Smarkets

We are very pleased to have Smarkets as Keystone Sponsor for EuroPython 2018. You can visit them at the most central booth in our exhibit area, the Lennox Suite in the EICC, and take the opportunity to chat with their staff or enjoy their escape room.

Please find below a hosted blog post from Smarkets.


EuroPython 2018 Team 

Smarkets: where Python and financial trading meet

Smarkets operates one of the world’s most powerful and innovative event trading exchanges. We have engineered our technology in-house - without using white label products - and Python powers our platform. In fact, our codebase is fully Python3 and is deployed across multiple teams of engineers within our self-managed organisation.

We combine financial technology with the startup culture of fast development and frequent releases; the perfect environment to make use of Python’s data science and rapid prototyping capabilities.

Python language helps us to remain nimble as it allows us to move from idea to product extremely quickly. Python not only has a solid standard library but also an extensive community which means that packages exist for just about everything you could ever need.

Join us at EuroPython where our workshop will show you how Smarkets is using Python to revolutionise sports trading. You will learn more about Python’s implementation on an exchange, how trading bots work and some strategies that can be employed to successfully trade sports. Put this theory in action with access to our API and a skeleton bot, which you will use as a base to create your very own trading bot. The workshop is free people with a conference ticket or training pass. Bring your laptops!

Come and check out our booth #10 to learn more about life at Smarkets and what it’s like to work at the UK’s largest self-managed organisation where you get to be your own boss, define the projects you work on and even get to set your own salary. If that’s not tempting enough, we’ve got an actual escape room on our booth as one of the main attractions at EuroPython this year! If you’ve got 30 minutes to spare or simply fancy the challenge, come along and see if you can crack your way out! Successful teams will also automatically be entered into a prize draw that we’ll be running each day.

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