EuroPython 2018: Delaying switch to Late Bird Tickets by one day - please use your coupons today !

Since we still have quite a few people with discount coupons who haven’t bought their tickets yet, we are extending the regular ticket sales by one day.

Switch to Late Bird Tickets on July 17, 00:00 CEST

We will now switch to late bird prices, which are about 30% higher than the regular ones on Tuesday, July 17.

Issued coupons are not valid for Late Bird Tickets

Please note that the coupons we have issued so far are not valid for the late bird tickets, so if you have a coupon for the conference, please order your tickets before we switch to late bird.

This includes coupons for sponsors, speakers, trainers and also the EPS community discount coupons we have given to several user groups.

Please make sure you use your coupon before the switch on Tuesday, 00:00 CEST.


EuroPython 2018 Team

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