EuroPython 2017: Talk voting results

Thank you all for participating in last week’s talk voting. We have again broken a record, with more than 13,353 cast votes, a 22% increase compared to last year. We had almost 400 submissions to vote on.

Users voted on 47 sessions on average, with more than 50% of the users casting 24.5 or more votes (median):


A total of 284 users participated in the talk voting, compared to 254 users last year, so more than 20% of our attendees do like to actively participate in the selection of the talks. A pretty good indicator of how vibrant our community is.

The program work group will now evaluate the voting results and select the first set of highest rated talks before going into the review phase to work on the remaining talk submissions.

We plan to announce this first batch in the coming days.


EuroPython 2017 Team
EuroPython Society
EuroPython 2017 Conference

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