EuroPython 2017 Keynote: Armin Ronacher

We are pleased to announce our next keynote speaker for EuroPython 2017: Armin Ronacher


About Armin Ronacher

Armin Ronacher has founded a number of Python open source projects. Most notably, he is the creator of Flask, a popular Python web microframework. He is an experienced speaker at developer conferences and runs a popular blog where he shares his thoughts on open source, software development, and Python. In 2014, he received the Python Software Foundation Community Service Award for his work in the Python Open Source community.

Armin cares about well designed systems and APIs. He is currently working on Sentry, an open source crash reporting tool.

The Keynote: A Python for Future Generations

A journey through the current Python interpreter, some of the effects of its
leaky abstraction on the language design and how we could evolve the language to future proof it. Covers some practical and not so practical ideas based on experience in the JavaScript and Rust ecosystem.


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