🐍 Community Call for Venues - EuroPython 2023

In recent years, the EuroPython Society (EPS), the organisers of the EuroPython conference series, have been discussing how to make the conference more accessible for the community and affordable to a wider audience. This means that on top of the cost of the venue and catering, we would be paying extra attention to how easy and affordable it is getting to and from the city, and how expensive it is to spend a conference week there.

We think that the community is our best source to find such suitable venues. After talking to many amazing community organisers this year,  we have decided to call upon our community to propose the venue for the EuroPython 2023 conference.

If you are a member of a local community and would like EuroPython 2023 to be hosted in your city, please rally the local Pythonistas support and send us a proposal on behalf of the group you represent. Rest assured that it doesn’t mean that your local community will take up the fiscal and administrative responsibility of organising the conference; the EuroPython Society will still bear the burden. But you will be welcome to volunteer to help with the organisation, advise how to best benefit your local community, and guide the conference to have more of the local flavour.

If you want to propose a venue on behalf of your community, please complete this form before September 26th and we will get in touch to coordinate with you to get a list of detailed answers & quotes from the proposed venue.

Link to the form: https://forms.gle/xBzL7zLcJZXSoiPp8

Note: on top of the Community Call for Venues, we will also send out a Request for Proposals to some venues in parallel as a contingency, following our previous process in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

🗓️ Timeline Projection

2022-09-26: deadline for community groups to complete the Community Call for Venues Form

The week of 2022-09-26:  the EPS gets in touch with community proposed venues and some other potentially suitable venues to invite them to fill in our  Request for Proposals (RFP).

The week of 2022-10-26: deadline for interested venues to complete the RFP.

The week of 2022-10-27 (for up to a month): Q&A and evaluation process with venues that successfully completed the RFP.

Got any questions/ suggestions/ comments?
Drop us a line at board@europython.eu and we'll get that sorted as soon as we can.

See you all soon,
EuroPython Society Board

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