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EuroPython 2021: Speaker Mentorship Program

In the EuroPython community, diversity and inclusion are one of our core values. Therefore, we are launching a Speaker Mentorship Program in this year's edition.

EuroPython 2021 Speaker Mentorship Program

We know how tough it is to prepare for a talk, find & organize the right content around the topic and more so when it's the first time. So what could be better than getting guidance and support from within the community itself.

By means of this program, we would like to bridge the gap between a developing and experienced speaker. Hence, we are looking for mentors and mentees to sign up.


We have included the activities below in the mentorship program:

  • One-to-One Mentorship Program
    A mentee from the underrepresented or marginalized group in the tech industry will be matched with an experienced speaker.
  • Ask Me Anything about the CFP Workshop
    An AMA session will be held on the 29th April 2021 (Thursday). We encourage those who have limited or no experience of submitting papers to EuroPython to join and ask questions. Questions can range from talk ideas, what makes a good proposal to what is the selection process of the talk. Register for the workshop.
  • First-Time Speaker Workshop (Date TBC)
    EuroPython will provide a speaker training session to all selected speakers regarding how to set up the technology to present at EuroPython. However, we would like to give the first-time speakers more support about how to prepare their talk and what to expect when presenting a live talk at EuroPython.

Expectations from Mentors

They should have past speaking experience at conferences similar to EuroPython. They are expected to take 4 one-hour sessions with their mentee to:

  1. Prepare their CFP submission.
  2. Review their CFP before submission.
  3. If the mentee is selected, help them prepare the talk. If the mentee is not selected, help them submit to another meetup/ conference.
  4. Help mentee to rehearse for their talk

You will also be invited to join the panel of the Webinar Workshops.

Expectations from Mentee

They should have a preselected topic or an idea for their talk with some content. They recognize themselves as underrepresented or from a marginalized group in the tech industry, and/or have no prior or little speaking experience, but would like to give a talk in EuroPython 2021.

Application Form and Other Logistics

Please find the signup forms on the CFP page:

Applications are open until Friday, April 30, 2021.

We will assign mentors to mentees on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are assigned, you will be notified before May 2, 2021.

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