The EuroPython Podcast Episode 1

We are happy to announce a new format our Media Workgroup is experimenting with:

The EuroPython Podcast

The podcast intends to be a view on the European Python community. We will comment and talk about the latest news from the EuroPython Society last news, interview guests from the European Python community and discuss future Python events in Europe … and probably more (ideas are always welcome).

EuroPython Podcast Episode 1: RFP & Lasse Schuirmann

In this podcast we discussed about the Venue Request For Proposal (RFP) for EuroPython 2018, what venues we should aim for? How about a EuroPython 2018 Disneyland Paris?

We also had Lasse Schuirmann from Here is how he describes himself:

I started programming when I was 14 years old. Since then I did various projects like an image processing algorithm, an artificial neural net or my (very small) home-grown kernel. You can find the code for my openly developed projects (which is an increasing number relative to the others) largely on GitHub ( or GitLab (

If you hear the podcast you might be interested in this link too :

More information about upcoming events mentioned in the podcast:

Listen to the EuroPython Podcast Episode 1

Helping with the podcast

We are just starting and this was our first episode. We promise we are working really hard to increase the audio quality - help on this issue is very welcome.

If you want to join the podcast as collaborator, nominate someone to be our next guest, announce your local python conference or/and give us feedback, please send an email to

Many thanks.


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