Our next keynote: Ola & Ola (Django Girls)

We are pleased to announce our next keynote speakers: Ola Sitarska and Ola Sendecka, who kicked off Django Girls with a workshop at EuroPython 2014 last year. Since then the idea has spread around the globe to over 20 countries.

Django Girls

Django Girls is an non-profit oriented organization that empowers and helps women to organize free, one-day programming workshops by providing tools,
resources and support.


The Keynote

It’s Dangerous To Go Alone, Take This: The Power of a Community

Ola and Ola will take you on a fantastic journey to the magical world of little Liz, who is totally enchanted by technology. The story of Liz will show that with a little bit of magic, curiosity, courage and hard work, you can defeat all the obstacles standing in your way. You’ll discover with her that making big and scary things is easier when you’re not doing them alone. Because sometimes, one magical spell, the helpful hand of a friend or this shiny sparkle is all it takes to make a dent in one’s universe.

Our Speakers

Ola Sitarska:


Ola Sitarska is a Django Developer at Potato. She started working with Django 6 years ago, when she discovered the power of Django admin and quickly fell in love with the beauty of Python. Last year, Ola started Django Girls, an initiative to inspire more women to become programmers. Together with Ola Sendecka, she also co-authored the Django Girls Tutorial, which has been visited by more than 30.000 people so far. She is also a member of the Django Team and was responsible for the shipping djangoproject.com redesign. In 2015, she became a Django Software Foundation board member. Ola is also known as A Person With The Django Circus Idea™. She thinks her superpower is the unstoppable enthusiasm.

Ola Sendecka:


Ola Sendecka is a Python & Django enthusiast and magic maker. She currently works for Potato in London as a Django developer. She loves open-source and she thinks one can open source much, much more than a piece of code. Together with Ola Sitarska she founded Django Girls last year. For her Django Girls is - as she says - an example of open sourcing community and one of the ways to make Python community even better than it is now. Apart from Django Girls Core operations and organising events, she is also a serial Django Girls coach (and she loves teaching!) and Django sprint organizer. She is a Django Team Core member and member of Django Software Foundation. Ola also co-organized Django Con EU 2013 (Circus edition).

The Workshop

At this year’s conference, we will again be hosting a Django Girls workshop. Please see the workshop website for details on how to sign up as an attendee, coach, or support the workshop as sponsor.


PS: Ola & Ola had already confirmed back in February. Thanks to them for their support in keeping this secret for such a long time :-)


EuroPython 2015 Team

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