Less than three weeks until EuroPython 2014!

Less than three weeks and we will meet you all at EuroPython 2014 in Berlin!

We are almost sold out and it will be the biggest Python event in Europe ever. In the initial press release of the organizer team we had been talking of up 1200 attendees - and now we are there! This is an increase by almost 40% over EuroPython 2013 in Florence. Today we heard that the @djangogirls initiative had more than 300 applications from women for the free Django Workshop for Women at EuroPython 2014 - unfortunately there is only space for 40 workshop attendees.

A very special thank you to the @djangogirls organizers for taking the initiative for bringing more women to EuroPython! We are thrilled having @djangogirls in Berlin!

Please make sure that you follow us for news update especially you may see more frequent updates as we get closer to the conference start. We will post major announcements on this blog (which is connected to the @europython Twitter account). Additional information might be posted on short notice through Twitter. So please add the RSS feed of this blog to your reading list or follow us directly on Twitter. In addition will make the EuroPython schedule and related information available on your mobile devices through Guidebook. This allows us to communicate and push schedule changes out  directly to you. 

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