Free Django workshop for women at EuroPython!

Django Girls is an initiative that is aiming to introduce 19 women who have never coded before to the world of technology and increase the diversity of European Python community. During EuroPython 2014 in Berlin, we’re going to organize one-day workshops and invite girls from all over Europe to join us and learn how to build the Internet using HTML, CSS, Python and Django.

Workshops will take place on 21st of July, on a first day of annual EuroPython conference. Django Girls is tailored for women who have never programmed – absolute beginners. We believe that IT industry will greatly benefit from bringing more women into technology. We want to make an opportunity for girls to learn how to program and become one of us.

Workshops are free of charge and each participant will receive free tickets to the entire EuroPython conference, courtesy of EuroPython. In addition, if attendee can’t come to Berlin due to financial reasons, but is very motivated to learn and then share their knowledge with others, EuroPython and Django Software Fundation donated funds to help them with travel costs and accommodation.

Application process starts now and ends on 30th June 2014. Applicants will reveice confirmation letters until 4th of July 2014.

Django Girls organizers are looking for coaches and sponsors who can contribute to the event. People and organizations who are interested are very welcome! Every individual who want to financially support Django Girls can buy a special support ticket for EuroPython donating 10, 20, 50 or 100€ for the cause. Sales of these tickets starts 5th June 2014 at 6pm UTC+2.

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