EuroPython 2017: Training sessions included

The program work group has decided on the first set of nine trainings for EuroPython 2017.

These training sessions are included in the EuroPython 2017 ticket price at no extra charge and provide a great value for money.

We are happy to announce the following three hour training sessions:

  • Andrew Svetlov - Optimizing Python code with Cython
  • Daniele Procida - Launch your application into the cloud
  • Katharine Jarmul - Data Unit Testing with Python
  • Kristian Rother  - Best Practices for Debugging
  • Michael McKerns - Modern optimization methods in Python
  • Miguel Grinberg - Building Microservices with Python and Flask
  • Mike Müller - Faster Python Programs - Measure, don’t Guess
  • Paul Everitt - Debugging for the Masses…Visually
  • Roberto Polli - Ansible 2 done right

More information here.

We will announce the second set of trainings after the end of the talk voting.


EuroPython 2017 Team

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