Featured training "Python for System Administrators"

The training “Python for System Adminstrators” will be given by  Roberto Polli.

The goal is to show how to use python and the Python Standard Library to replace a variegate set of administration tools like grep, sed, awk, perl and gnuplot.

Students should type-in slide contents in their ipython console and share their results. Anyway script templates are provided via github to enable them to paste snippets and reduce idle times.

At the end of the training the students will be able to:

  • gather system data on different platforms;
  • parse them efficiently;
  • make basic statistics like distribution, deviation, aggregation, correlation;
  • plot data;

Roberto works at Babel, migrating big mail infrastructures to open solutions. Develops in Python, C and Java to foster communities around various FLOSS, trying to bring both social and IT innovation.He is a Red Hat Certified Engineer and Virtualization Administrator, but loves maintaining free software, including the caldav java library: caldav4j.

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