Featured talks "How to become a software developer in science?"

The talks “How to become a software developer in science?”  will be given by Magdalena Rother.

Her path from ‘Hello world’ to software development was long and hard. The approach she learned during her research may help the attend to create high quality software and improve as a developer. The talk covers how attendees can benefit from their non-IT knowledge, atomize their project and how collaboration accelerates their learning.

Dr. Magdalena Rother works as Post-Doc at the Theoretical Biophysics department of the Humboldt University in Berlin and she actively develops a system biology software in Python at the Humboldt University Berlin (www.rxncon.org). Magdalena developed a software on 3D RNA modeling (www.genesilico.pl/moderna) during here PhD. She is coauthor on a paper on bioinformatic software development and several other scientific papers. 


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