Featured talk "Elasticsearch from the bottom up"

The talk “Elasticsearch from the bottom up" will be given by ”Alex Brasetvik“.

Modern web applications, content management applications etc. can require nowadays a modern and scalable search infrastructure. Elasticsearch is a search engine (on top of Lucence) that provides  an excellent functionality for building search applications with an easy approachable data model and a JSON-based query language.

Alex will teach you about Elasticsearch and Lucene’s architecture and give you  tidbits of highly relevant information for the real world without having to plunge into academic information retrieval tomes.

While Elasticsearch makes Lucene easily available in a distributed setting, it helps to have some knowledge about the underlying algorithms and data structures. Understanding how these data structures are used makes implementing search easier. Knowing how the indexes are built helps you keep things reliably performant.

Alex Brasetvik is a founder and senior software engineer at Found AS - a company whose primary product is a hosted Elasticsearch service. He has spent the past eight years on problem solving and solutions related to search, focusing on Elasticsearch in the last three years.

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