EuroPython 2021: Meet our Gold Sponsor JetBrains

We are excited to have JetBrains as one of our Gold sponsors for EuroPython 2021.

JetBrains builds one of the most widely used IDEs for Python. They have also been a great supporter of EuroPython for many years. Thanks, JetBrains!

You can visit their sponsor exhibit rooms, and talk with their staff to learn more about the Python ecosystem they have created.

Please continue reading to learn more about JetBrains.

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JetBrains is a global software vendor known for its intelligent productivity enhancing software tools such as PyCharm. PyCharm Professional Edition is a Python IDE that helps professional web developers be more productive by offering in-depth Django and Flask code analysis and support for modern JavaScript, Docker, and SQL databases.

PyCharm Professional includes features essential for data science development. It has Jupyter Notebook integration, an R plugin for statistical computing, and full support for the popular scientific packages, NumPy and Matplotlib. If it is a dedicated tool for data science that you need, there is DataSpell, a new data science IDE by JetBrains, and Datalore, a powerful online environment for Jupyter Notebooks.

In addition to PyCharm Professional Edition, JetBrains also offers a free and open source PyCharm Community Edition. It includes Python code assistance, refactorings, visual debugging, and version control integration.

For all Pythonistas at EuroPython, we are offering an extended (3-month) trial of PyCharm Professional. Use the promo code: EUROPYTHON-2021 at to get your free PyCharm Professional! This offer is valid until August 31.

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