EuroPython 2020: Pre-launch Website Ready

In the last couple of weeks we have put together a pre-launch site for EuroPython 2020, which has all the information around the event, as we currently know and can share with you.


The main website will go online around early in March and we plan to also open the CFP and ticket sales around that time. It will use the same URL, so you can keep this bookmarked.

Some additional updates:

  • We have signed the venue agreement, so if you have waited with your flight and hotel bookings for the final confirmation of the conference dates, you can now go ahead. Looking at the hotel booking websites, it’s probably a good idea to book early.

  • We will now enter negotiations with the booth builder and finalize the sponsorship packages. As last year, we’ll again offer an early bird 10% discount for sponsors who sign up in the first few weeks after we’ve published the finalized packages on our blog.


EuroPython 2020 Team

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