EuroPython 2020: Online conference from July 23-26

In the last two weeks, we have discussed and investigated concepts around running this year’s EuroPython conference as an online conference. We have looked at conference tools, your feedback, drafted up ideas on what we can do to make the event interesting and what we can accomplish given our limited resources.

Today, we are happy to announce that we will be running

EuroPython 2020
from July 23 - 26 2020
as an online conference


We are planning the following structure:

  • 2 conference days with keynotes, talks, lightning talks, poster session
    (Thursday and Friday)

  • 2 sprint days with multiple sprint teams
    (Saturday and Sunday)

Attending the conference days will require a ticket, participating in the sprint days will be free.

We will publish additional information on the new format as it becomes available. A few updates for today (more details will follow in separate blog posts):

Call for Papers (CFP)

With the new plan in place, we will extend and retarget the CFP we had been running in the last three weeks to the online setup.

Please note that we will not have training sessions at EuroPython 2020. We will have keynotes, 30 and 45-minute talks, panels, interactive sessions, as well as try to come up with a format for doing posters and lightning talks.

Unlike for our in-person event, speakers will get free tickets to the event, since we don’t have to cover catering costs.

We need your help

Given that we had already put a lot of work into the in-person event organization, a lot of which we’ll now have to adapt or redo for the online set up in the few months ahead of us, we will need more help from the community to make this happen.

If you would like to help, please write to We are specifically looking for people with experience using online conference tools to help host tracks during the conference days.


As for the in-person event, we will have sponsorship packages available for the online event as well. Because the format is different, we’ll have to adjust the packages we had intended for the in-person to an online setup.

If you are interested in sponsoring EuroPython 2020, please write to We will then send you more details, as they become available.


EuroPython 2020 Team

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