EuroPython 2020: Data Science Track

We are excited to announce a complete two day data science track at EuroPython 2020 Online, happening on Thursday and Friday (July 23 - 24).

Yes, that’s starting tomorrow. Sorry for the short notice :-)


Data Science @ EuroPython 2020

The data science track is part of EuroPython 2020, so you won’t need to buy an extra ticket to attend. 

We will have a two day track featuring more than 20 keynotes, full-length talks and posters:

  • Keynotes in the Microsoft Room
  • Talks in the Parrot Room
  • Posters in the Poster Rooms

The full program is available on our data science page.

If you’d like to attend the data science track at EuroPython 2020, please register for EuroPython 2020 soon.

Dates and Registration

EuroPython 2020 will be held online from July 23-26 2020. If you want to learn more about the online setup, please check the Setup section on our website. 

After buying a ticket, please register on our Discord server, following the instructions in the order confirmation email.

You will even be able to buy tickets on the days themselves, however, please be aware that this may cause delays in your Discord signup.

Please see our website for more information.


EuroPython 2020 Team 

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