EuroPython 2019: Warning - Spoiler alert!

Usually, we try to have something as surprise for our attendees every year. However, for this year’s conference, we have decided to give our attendees something to play with and this needs a little more preparation than a bottle or a beach towel. 

Drum roll… crowd screaming… and here it is: we’re please to present the…

EuroPython 2019 PewPew Game Console


The device was created and designed by Radomir Dopieralski, a long time EuroPython regular and enthusiastic Python device and robotics builder.

The PewPew is a simplified game console, programmable with CircuitPython, a variant of MicroPython. It comes with a 64 LED display and a set of small buttons to drive the console.

We will have one device per attendee with training or conference ticket and plan to give them out together with the badges.

Free Workshops

To teach you how to program the consoles and help with any questions you may have, we have arranged a special workshop room on the training days Monday and Tuesday, where Radomir and his team will run workshops focusing on the PewPew. You will learn how to write small programs and games. 

Our hope is that you will take this knowledge home and spread the word about how much fun Python is – especially for younger users.

The workshops are free for EuroPython conference or training ticket holders, but please see our notes on catering on the training days.


Help us run the workshops

Since Radomir needs help with running the workshops, we are reaching out to you with this blog post. If you are interested in embedded Python, hardware hacking, game development and similar topics, we invite you to come help us running those workshops.

This is a great opportunity to meet with Python developers and learn together, and we’re sure you will have great fun while helping other attendees. Whether it’s just lending a hand getting things working, or running a whole workshop – it’s up to you, either way we will greatly appreciate your help.

Please sign up using our mentor form. Many thanks !


More information will be available on the PewPew workshop page.


EuroPython 2019 Team

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