EuroPython 2018: Ticket Sales Update

Some community members have been wondering why tickets are not available yet. We’d like to update you on the current status.

EuroPython is run by the EuroPython Society located in Sweden. However, the conference being held in the UK, we have to charge UK VAT for the tickets we sell and submit the collected VAT to the UK tax authorities. In order to be able to do this, we have register with the UK tax authorities and this is where we have experienced unforseen delays.

After several attempts at getting this sorted, our friends at PyCon UK have helped us find a capable accountant with whom we are currently implementing the registration. Hopefully, the tax authorities won’t take too long to issue us a UK VAT ID. As soon as we have it, we will start ticket sales.

Ticket Prices Available

That said, we do already have some more information for you: we have decided on the initial ticket prices for EuroPython 2018. In case you need budget approval from your employer, you may put in your request now.

Given the changed conference layout, there will be tickets for:

  • trainings (Mon - Tue)
  • main conference (talks, etc) and sprints (Wed - Sun)

To attend conference talks and trainings, you will need to buy two tickets. If you only want to attend one of the two parts of the conference, you only have to purchase one ticket.

Conference / Early Bird Tickets

There will be 200 early bird tickets, which usually sell out within a day:

  • Business conference ticket: EUR 375.00 excl. VAT, EUR 450.00 incl. 20% UK VAT
  • Personal conference ticket: EUR 265.00 incl. 20% UK VAT
  • Student conference ticket: EUR 95.00 incl. 20% UK VAT

Conference tickets include: main conference days (Wed-Fri) and sprints.

We also plan to have a  the Beginners’ Day workshop on one of the training days. This will then be included in the conference ticket as well. Details will be announced in a separate announcement.

Important: Trainings on the training days are not included (see below for training passes).

Conference /Regular Tickets

After early bird tickets are sold out, we will switch to the regular rates:

  • Business conference ticket: EUR 575.00 excl. VAT, EUR 690.00 incl. 20% UK VAT
  • Personal conference ticket: EUR 385.00 incl. 20% UK VAT
  • Student conference ticket:   EUR 140.00 incl. 20% UK VAT

Closer to the event, we will switch to Late Bird Ticket Rates, which will be around 30% higher than the regular rates.

Training Passes

  • Business training pass: EUR 295.00 excl. VAT, EUR 354.00 incl. 20% UK VAT
  • Personal training pass: EUR 175.00 incl. 20% UK VAT
  • Student training pass: EUR 125.00 incl. 20% UK VAT

Training passes include: access to all trainings on the training days. Conference and sprints are not included.

More information

Please see the registration page for more details on ticket pricing.


EuroPython 2018 Team

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