EuroPython 2018: Looking for a photographer

At last year’s event we had a professional conference photographer, Alessia Peviani, from our community, help us cover the event in pictures:


This year she unfortunately cannot attend, so we’re looking for help from other photographers in the community.

Here’s what we can offer:

  • recognition and publicity by listing you as the official EuroPython conference photographer
  • free tickets for the conference and trainings
  • refund for travel and accommodation up to EUR 500
  • gratitude by our attendees who really appreciate having this kind of documentation available

What we are asking for:

  • cover all aspects of the conference in photos
  • photos licensed under the CC BY-NC license, with a special exception for the EPS, so that we can use the photos for promoting the conference
  • self-management and help with administering the Flickr group, uploads by other community photographers and discussions

If you are interested in helping us, please write to


EuroPython 2018 Team

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