EuroPython 2018: Get to know other attendees

As with every larger conference, it is sometimes a bit intimidating to approach other fellow attendees to get to know them.

At EuroPython, we’re generally a very friendly bunch and open to helping people, start conversations and interact based on our common field of interest which is Python for starters and can easily extend to many other fields as well.

Let’s talk…

In order to facilitate this interaction, we are providing a number of tools attendees can use to communicate with each, organize ad-hoc meetups or plan activities:

  • EuroPython Pulse in the Conference App: This is a channel where attendees can post messages, pictures, and even send direct messages to other attendees registered in the app.
  • EuroPython Telegram Group: Telegram is a messenger application, which is becoming increasingly popular and has a low barrier to entry. We started a public group two years ago and it’s been working really well as platform for reaching out to other attendees.
  • Twitter: Using the hash tag #EuroPython you can easily reach out to other attendees.
  • Attendee Profiles: The website offers the possibility to setup a public profile in your account, where you can put your picture, interests, contact details and bio. The profiles are searchable on our “Who is coming” page.

and, of course, we have coffee breaks, open spaces and lunch at the conference as well, to provide you with plenty of possibiliities to get in touch in person.

Selfie / Group Photo Spot

We’d also like to draw some more attention to a selfie or group photo spot we have installed on the outside of the venue (if you exit the venue, walk left to next corner). It makes a great background for photos to post on social networks, to your friends or to take home as memory:


Socializing in Edinburgh

Since we did not find a venue for holding a social event this year, we would like to simply suggest a common place to use as hub for EuroPython attendees, with enough pubs and restaurants to accommodate everyone.

For this we’d like to propose the Edinburgh Grassmarket, which is located just south of the castle and within walking distance of the EICC. 



EuroPython 2018 Team

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