EuroPython 2017 Keynote: Aisha Bello & Daniele Procida

We are pleased to announce our next keynote speakers for EuroPython 2017: Aisha Bello & Daniele Procida

About Aisha

Aisha currently serves as vice chair for the Python Nigeria community. She has helped co-organized and support a number of Django Girls workshops in Namibia & Nigeria. She also is a co-organizer for PyLadies Nigeria. She is an ardent Tech and Python community enthusiast with a strong desire and passion for social change, women’s tech education and empowerment in Africa. In 2016 she won the Django Software Foundation Malcolm Tredinnick Memorial prize for her contributions to the community. Currently she works as an Associate Systems Engineer for Cisco Systems.

About Daniele

Daniele is an avid contributor to open source software and its communities. He has been a core developer of Django for over three years and recently joined the Django Software Foundation board. He works at Divio, where he helps support and develop open source Django products. Daniele is a veteran community builder. His contribution as part of the organising committee of PyCon Namibia has been key in establishing a successful Python community in Namibia.

The Keynote: The Encounter: Python’s adventures in Africa

A genuine encounter changes both parties. In this talk Daniele and Aisha will report on the dialogue opened up by recent PyCons and other Python events in Africa. They’ll discuss Python’s impact in countries including Namibia, Nigeria and Zimbabwe, and what open-source software means for Africa at large - and what the encounter means for Python too.


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