EuroPython 2017: Financial Aid

As part of our commitment to the Python community, we are pleased to announce that we offer special grants for people in need of a financial aid to attend EuroPython.


Financial aid is sponsored in part by Python Software Foundation (PSF)


We offer financial aid conference grants in these 3 categories:

  • Free and discounted ticket: get a standard ticket for the conference for free (including access to talks, trainings, sprints, etc.)
  • Travel costs:  we will cover the travel costs pro rata, depending on what you are applying for.
  • Accommodation: we can partially cover the accommodation costs

Grant Eligibility

Our grants are open to all people in need of financial aid. We will specifically take into account the following criteria in the selection process:

Contributors: potential speakers/trainers of EuroPython (people who submitted a proposal) and all who contribute to EuroPython and/or Python community projects.

Economic factors: we want everybody to have a chance to come to EuroPython, regardless of economic situation or income level.

Diversity: we seek the most diverse and inclusive event possible.

How to Apply

You can apply for financial aid by filling the form on the EuroPython 2017 Finance Aid web

If you have any questions, please read the FAQ or send an e-mail to


April 10th (2017-04-10) - open the finance aid grant opportunity
April 24th (2017-04-24) - the deadline for submitting the applications
April 30th (2017-04-30) - applicants will be notified by e-mail
May 6th (2017-05-06) - deadline for applicants to accept the grant
May 14th (2017-05-14) - applicants will receive confirmation notification

Refund management

Free ticket: the individual coupons will be generated for a free ticket.
Accommodation and Travel grant:  all grants involving reimbursements will be reimbursed by 
PayPal or bank transfer. Please send us your receipts (hotel invoice, plane/bus/train ticket) before the conference to approval.

Become a special Diversity sponsor!

You or your company can support our finaid initiative by becoming a sponsor.
We have a special events “Financial aid sponsor” and “Financial aid donation” in the list of sponsor options, that can be booked separately or be included in the sponsor package.
Check the sponsor brochure for more information and contact or the sponsor work group directly

Bring a new sponsor and get a free ticket for EuroPython 2017!

Thank you.


EuroPython 2017 Team

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