EuroPython 2017: Day tickets available

We have now opened ticket sales for day tickets to EuroPython 2017 from July 9-17 in Rimini.


EuroPython 2017 Registration Page

These day passes can be bought online and are valid for the day you pick up your badge. We have again tried to make these as affordable as possible for students, pupils and postdocs:

  • Student day ticket: EUR 55.00 incl. 22% VAT
    (only available for pupils, students and postdoctoral researchers; please bring your student card or declaration from University, stating your affiliation, starting and end dates of your contract)
  • Personal day ticket: EUR 148.00 incl. 22% VAT
    (for people enjoying Python from home)
  • Business day ticket: EUR 215.00 excl. VAT, EUR 262.30 incl. 22% VAT
    (for people using Python to make a living)

Full conference tickets (valid for all 8 days) at the on-desk rate are available as well, but we are no longer selling student tickets:

  • Personal full ticket: EUR 490.00 incl. 22% VAT
    (for people enjoying Python from home, including students, postdocs, etc.)
  • Business full ticket: EUR 720.00 excl. VAT, EUR 878.40 incl. 22% VAT
    (for people using Python to make a living)

Please also remember to get your social event ticket for Thursday, July 13. This is not included in the above conference tickets:

  • EuroPython Social Event: EUR 25.00 incl. 10% VAT per person

Please see our registration page for more details.


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