EuroPython 2016: On-desk rates and day passes

It’s getting really close to the conference now and we will be switching to the on-desk rates for tickets on July 8.


The prices will increase by about 30%, so if you want to still get tickets at the normal rate, please register for EuroPython 2016 as soon as possible:


Full Conference Tickets

These are the on-desk rates for full conference tickets (all 8 days):

  • Student full ticket: EUR 180.00
  • Personal full ticket: EUR 470.00
  • Business full ticket: EUR 750.00

Day Passes

As in the past, we will sell day passes at the conference venue.

To make things more affordable especially for students and other people who want to attend the Beginners’ Day or the sprints, we have decided to split the day pass prices into ones valid from Monday-Friday for the main conference days and the weekend days.

Day passes for the main conference (valid for the day when they are purchased):

  • Student conference day pass: EUR 50.00
  • Personal conference day pass: EUR 140.00
  • Business conference day pass: EUR 225.00

Day passes for the first Sunday (Beginners’ Day) and the sprints weekend (valid for the day when they are purchased):

  • Student weekend day pass: EUR 25.00
  • Personal weekend day pass: EUR 70.00
  • Business weekend day pass: EUR 110.00

All prices include 10% Spanish VAT. Please see the registration page for full details of what is included in the ticket price.

With gravitational regards,

EuroPython 2016 Team

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