EuroPython 2016: Maker area

We’re experimenting with a new format at this year’s EuroPython conference: a maker area reserved for attendees who want to build things in hardware, controlled by Python, e.g. robots, sensors, remote controls, electronic badges, mesh networks, etc.


For this purpose, we have created a zone with tables, power outlets and chairs in the exhibit hall, where you can get working on your projects during the conference: the

EuroPython 2016 Maker Area

Maker workshops

We will also have a few workshops in this area to create some more excitement around it, but in the end,

it is YOU, the attendees,

who’ll have to make it work.

Show off your work

We hope you enjoy the spirit and possibilities and hey, can then show off your cool gadgets to more than a thousand Python friends - in a lighting talk, an open space session or directly at the maker area.

Bring your tools and gadgets

You will likely have to bring along some tools and electronics for the maker area, so this blog post is also meant as reminder to add these things to your packaging list for EuroPython 2016.

We have found a few shops near the venue where you can buy things you may need. They are listed in the conference app and will also go on the maker area web page.

(Photo reference:

With gravitational regards,

EuroPython 2016 Team

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