EuroPython 2016 Keynote: Rachel Willmer

We are pleased to announce our third keynote speaker for EuroPython 2016: Rachel Willmer.


About Rachel Willmer

Rachel has been working at the “bleeding edge” of technology for 30 years, as programmer, network engineer, manager, startup founder:

“I remain insatiably curious about how today’s new technology gives birth to tomorrow’s new business opportunity. I am CEO/Founder of Luzme, the ebook search site, and a Google Developer Expert (Firebase).”

The Keynote: 30 years of Fun & Profit Through Technology

Have you ever wondered how you could be your own boss? or how you could make money from your side project? or build the next Facebook or Uber.

To be a coder in today’s world of work is to have amazing opportunities to design the business life you want.

“I’ve enjoyed the last 20 years without a ‘real job’, as company founder, freelancer and side-project-hacker.

Now I am bootstrapping my current company to profitability. Listen to my stories and learn from my mistakes and successes.”

With gravitational regards,

EuroPython 2016 Team

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