EuroPython 2015: Speaker Coupons

We have sent out the first batch of emails to our speakers. The coupon codes have been created and added to your profiles.

In order to access them, please log in to the website, go to your profile page and click on “Orders, invoices & coupons”:


The coupon code can then be entered when ordering your conference ticket.

Already ordered your ticket ?

If you have already ordered your ticket, you can request a refund at the conference desk.

Donating your discount towards financial aid

As in past years, we also provide a way to donate your discount towards our financial aid budget. If you’d like to donate your discount, please write to our

If you let us know before June 14, we can then allocate the funds towards financial aid for 2015. Any donation after June 14th will be used for next year’s financial aid.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


EuroPython 2015 Team

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