EuroPython 2015: New Code of Conduct

For EuroPython 2015 we have chosen to use a new code of conduct (CoC) that is based on the PyCon UK Code of Conduct.

We think that it reads much nicer than the one we had before, while serving the same purpose. In summary:

Be nice to each other

We trust that attendees will treat each other in a way that reflects the widely held view that diversity and friendliness are strengths of our community to be celebrated and fostered.

Furthermore, we believe attendees have a right to:

  • be treated with courtesy, dignity and respect;
  • be free from any form of discrimination, victimization, harassment or bullying;
  • enjoy an environment free from unwelcome behavior, inappropriate language and unsuitable imagery.

Here’s the permanent link to the CoC for 2015:

EuroPython 2015 - Code of Conduct

We’d like to thank the PyCon UK organizers for their work on the CoC and for putting it under a CC license.


EuroPython Society

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