EuroPython 2015: Financial Aid

The financial aid work group has started to email everyone who applied for financial aid this year.


We are fortunate to have a budget of almost 20,000 EUR available for financial aid this year, thanks to well running ticket sales, speakers who donated their speaker discounts towards the finaid budget, and a generous grant from the Python Software Foundation (PSF) as our financial aid sponsor:


We received 52 request for financial aid from many countries all around the world: 12 countries from Europe, 2 from Latin America, 2 from Asia, 1 from Africa and 1 from North America.

This year we focused on students (40%) and unemployed people (30%), with the remaining funds going to attendees from startups, academia and research. We also have specific diversity grants for Django Girls, PyLadies and motivated women. 75% of the financial aid was given to speakers, poster presenters, volunteers and Python community contributors.

Waiting list

Financial aid applicants who were not selected for the first round of grants will be placed on a waiting list.

Looking for additional financial aid sponsors

Companies which want to help raise the financial aid budget to also support those people who are currently on the waiting list, please contact the sponsor work group at


EuroPython 2015 Team

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