EuroPython 2015: Call for proposal dates available

The Program work group (WG) has decided on the dates for the Call for Proposal (CFP) dates:

Monday, 2015-03-16Tuesday, 2015-04-14

You will be able to submit your proposals through the EuroPython website during these 4 weeks.

We have these types of presentations available for submission:

  • Talks: 170 slots available (80x 30min, 85x 45min, 5x 60min)
  • Trainings: 20 slots
  • Posters: 25 slots
  • Help desks: 5 slots

Please note that the exact number of submissions we can accept depends on schedule and room requirements, so the above numbers are only estimates. Talk times include time for questions.

The full Call for Proposal with all details will be made available on Monday, 2015-03-16. We are publishing these dates early because we’ve been getting a lot of requests for the CFP dates.

Talks/Trainings in Spanish and Basque

Since EuroPython is hosted in Bilbao and EuroPython has traditionally always been very open to the local Python communities, we are also accepting a number of talks and trainings in Spanish and Basque.

All other talks/trainings should be held in English.

Talk voting

As in 2013, we will again have talk voting, which means that attendees who have already registered will get to see the talk submissions and can vote on them. The Program WG will also set aside a number of slots which they will then select based on other criteria to e.g. increase diversity or give a chance to less mainstream topics.

The schedule will then be announced early in May.


EuroPython 2015 Team

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