EuroPython 2014 is approaching quickly

Here are some updates:

  • PyData partners with EuroPython for PyData Berlin 2014
  • Call for Volunteers
  • Assign your ticket
  • SIM Cards

PyData partners with EuroPython for PyData Berlin 2014
PyData Berlin is being held in conjunction with Euro Python Sprints, 25 - 27 July. The three-day event is an opportunity for Python enthusiasts to share ideas and learn from each other how to apply the language and tools to meet the challenges of of data management, processing, analytics and visualization. Tutorials will take place Friday, 25 July and the main conference sessions will be held Saturday, 26 July and Sunday, 27 July.

EuroPython attendees will receive a 15% discount on PyData tickets using the promotion code “europython”.

Call for Volunteers
EuroPython 2014 is going to be the biggest EuroPython so far. Until now we sold more than 900 tickets. As you can imagine handling so many attendees will be a challenge. To tackle all the requests and tasks that have to be done on site, *we need you*!

There are many things to do on site. For example helping attendees at the info desk, handing out t-shirts and swag bags or simply helping out wherever a helping hand is needed.

So sign up as a volunteer and become a part of EuroPython! Take the chance and have a look behind the scenes and experience how it feels to make something big!

We are finalizing the tasks and shifts and setting up the volunteer system. To get notified when you can register on the volunteer system simply sign up on the europython-volunteer-announce mailing list:

Assign your ticket
If you’ve already purchased a ticket for yourself, colleagues or friends you can find them on We would like you to assign every ticket, be it a Early Bird, Standard, Business, Financial Aid or a SIM Card, to the respective user, even to yourself. To do so just click on the link “assign the ticket to a user” next to the ticket and type the username of the intended owner. If the intended owner does not have a user account ask her or him to sign up. Assigning a ticket allows its owner to specify further information that will be shown on the badge (e.g. link to the profile, interests, …) and offers the possibility to update things like food preferences or the t-shirt size.

As a ticket owner you are able to adjust your ticket information on (name, organization, t-shirt size, food preferences) and (interests, …).

The deadline for both is 23/06/2014 12am (CEST/UTC+2) but we kindly ask you to do it as soon as possible.

SIM Cards
You can order a SIM card through the EuroPython website. We offer SIM cards in cooperation with (a German phone discounter). You will be able to select between a data plan with a 1GB traffic limit or a phone plan with 200 minutes, 200 SMS and 200MB traffic included. You can choose the plan online as soon as you hold the SIM card in your hand. For more details see the official offer ( Unfortunately the company doesn’t offer an English page but Google Translate or something similar should work fine. If you decide to buy a SIM card you will receive it at the EuroPython info desk.

During the purchase process we ask for “Host” information. This information relates to the place where you are going to stay in Berlin and is *not* your home location (if you are not living in Germany). It has to be a valid German address.

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