Announcing Pieter Hintjens as EuroPython keynote speaker

We are pleased to announce that Pieter Hintjens will give a keynote speech at EuroPython 2014.

Our decentralized future

Pieter will talk about the urgent push towards a decentralized future.  As founder of the ZeroMQ community, he will explain the vision, design and reality of distributed software systems. He’ll explain his view on the community itself, also a highly decentralized “Living System”, as Hintjens calls it. Finally he’ll talk about edgenet, a model for a decentralized Internet. 

About Pieter Hintjens

Pieter Hintjens is a writer, programmer and thinker who has spent decades building large software systems and on-line communities, which he describes as “Living Systems”. He is an expert in distributed computing, having written many protocols and distributed software systems. He founded the ZeroMQ free software project in 2007, and in 2013 launched the edgenet project to build a fully secure, anonymous peer-to-peer Internet. He is the author of “ZeroMQ - Messaging for Many Applications” (O'Reilly), “Code Connected”, and “Culture and Empire: Digital Revolution”. His blog is at


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