Announcing Constanze Kurz as EuroPython keynote speaker

We are pleased to announce that Constanze Kurz, spokeswoman of the German Chaos omputer Club will give a keynote speach at EuroPython 2014.

One year of Snowden, what’s next?

Since June 2013, disclosed by Edward Snowden, we learn more and more facts about American and British spies’ deep appetite for information, economic spying and the methods they use to collect data. They systematically tapped international communications on a scale that only few people could imagine. But what are the consequences for societies when they now know about the NSA metadata repository capable of taking in billions of “events” daily to collected and analyze? Is there a way to defend against an agency with a monstrous secret budget?

About Constanze Kurz


Constanze Kurz works at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin as a computer scientist. She is the spokeswoman of the German Chaos Computer Club, Europe’s largest hacker group. She is an expert on surveillance techniques and co-author of technical analyses on voting computers, data retention and anti-terror laws for the German Constitutional Court.

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