Django Girls workshop at EuroPython 2016

We’re pleased to announce a Django Girls workshop on Sunday, July 17, the first day of the EuroPython 2016 conference.

If you want participate or know someone who’d like to join, please fill in our application form on the Django Girls’ website:


Django Girls EuroPython 2016 Application Form

Remember: you don’t need any prior programming knowledge to participate !

About the workshop

After the workshop you will have learned about:

  • HTML / CSS
  • Python / Django

and in a single day, you’ll have created a blog.

If that sounds challenging, no worries: our friendly coaches will help you.

Paola Katherine, DG organizer:

“If you participate, we’ll raffle one full ticket for EuroPython 2016, the largest and best Python event in Europe.”

More infos

The Django Girls EuroPython 2016 networks:

If you have questions, please write to

With gravitational regards,

EuroPython 2016 Team

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