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The official blog of the EuroPython conferences.
Current edition: EuroPython 2014 in Berlin.

EuroPython Society Sessions at EuroPython 2014

We are having three EuroPython Society (EPS) sessions today at EuroPython 2014. They are all held in room B09.

All EuroPython attendees are invited to join in to these sessions and to become EuroPython Society members.

If you would like to support the EuroPython Society and want to sign up for membership, please visit our membership application form.

Membership is free and we’d like to get as many EuroPython attendees signed up as members as possible, because the EuroPython conference series is all about its attendees.


EuroPython Society

Evaluation of talks and trainings

This year we will proceed with the evaluation and feedback of talk and trainings as follows:

  • Trainers will handout paper feedback forms to the trainees for leaving some feedback for the trainer.
  • The feedback for keynotes and talks will be done completely through the Guidebook app. The details view of each talk has a “Rate this talk” button that will bring you to the evaluation form.



Special deal: become an angel for one day and get a free day pass

We have a special deal for you: become an angel for one day (8 hour shift) and receive a free day pass for that same day. If you work a complete day as video angel (supporting the video team) you will be able to attend and listen to the keynotes and talks of this day and even better: you can get in touch with the Python community.

If you are still hesitant or undecided about supporting us as a volunteer or if you could not find the time for registering with the volunteer system, just come to the kick off meeting on Sunday July 20th at 2pm or 5pm or Monday July 21st at 11am at the conference venue.

Everybody is welcome!

Helping hands for Sunday wanted!

You are already in Berlin on Sunday and you want to do something good?

Then please join us on Sunday for preparing the venue location (Berlin Congress Center bcc). We will start around 10:00h in the morning. We will have free pizza and something to drink for all helpers!

Thank you in advance!

Duckling - Meet with others, arrange your outings!

We would like to introduce you to Duckling - a social service for arranging or finding outings with fellow attendees. Duckling is a new service and has been used successfully during the last PyCON 2014 in Montreal. Duckling is a service provided for free to the Python community by Caktus Group (@DucklingQuacks).

Say you want to go for Sushi one night and want to find other attendees with the same interest then you login into Duckling using your Twitter account and see a list of upcoming outings planned by other people of the event.


Just search for a Sushi location using the search functionality of Duckling.


After finding the right place, you set up the date and time for the outing, give some additional information and that’s it.


Other attendees can check the EuroPython Ducklings site and see what will be going on and join your event. Your outing will show a map of the location and perhaps some additional information pulled in through Yelp.

You can not only arrange outings for eating and drinking but you can also use Duckling for arranging visits to interesting places in Berlin, finding others for a morning run at the Volkspark Friedrichain or whatever you want.


Update for EuroPython Angels/Volunteers

EuroPython 2014 is in less than five days and we still need more volunteers for various tasks during the conference. Please see check our former blog post [1] and see the Angels FAQ [3]. 
If you have not registered yet then please proceed with the registration [2] as soon as possible.
For angels registered with the volunteer management system: please add yourself to the shifts that fit your interest, please fill the remaining slots.Do not be afraid that you will miss imporant talks. There are also options to work as “video angel” where you can both listen to a talk and help the video team. You will receive an introduction to the tasks during the initial briefings  - we will not leave you alone.
Your benefits as EuroPython Angel:
  • Best option for getting in touch with new people
  • Get an awesome lemon green EuroPython Staff TShirt
  • Show everyone your support to the Python community (by wearing your special lemon green TShirt)
  • With a minimum of 20 hours spent as an angel you will receive a REFUND of 50% on your ticket price

EuroPython Social Event aka Conference Dinner

On Wednesday evening it will be time to dress up. We would like to invite you to the BCC for our Conference Dinner from 19:00-22:00. You will be served a buffet, soft drinks, wine, beer and cocktails.

The dinner will be accompanied by a Jazz Trio led by pianist Valentin Stahl . Afterwards you can enjoy chansons from the 1920’s performed by the Duo Scheeselong.

At 22:00 we will turn the BCC into the EuroPython Club with music by the Black Coffee Lounge Band . Afterwards you can dance off with TimeCoderz .

The social event/dinner is included and free for

  • all EuroPython ticket holders (early bird, standard, on-desk)
  • conference attendee partners with a partner programme ticket
  • ticket holders with tickets purchased with vouchers (speakers, trainers, @djangogirls, sponsors)

Persons without a EuroPython ticket or ticket holders with day passes can buy a supplementary social event ticket for 50 € at the conference registration desk (no online sale).

The EuroPython Dinner is sponsored by RhodeCode.